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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 275 - 275 Come, Let's Hurt Each Other

275 Come, Let’s Hurt Each Other

Shi Qian was speechless.

“Sinian, don’t give her your food. You don’t even have enough to eat!” Shi Qiuran said quickly.

“It’s okay, Mom. Let’s eat this bowl first. If I don’t have enough later, I’ll refill it.”


“That works too.” Shi Qiuran nodded, then turned to stare at Shi Qian. “You have to eat two bowls of rice today. You have to finish it!”

“Mom ~” Shi Qian wheedled helplessly.

“There’s no room for discussion!” How could Shi Qiuran not realize how much weight her daughter had lost?

She wondered how much Qian Qian had suffered since she was sick.

Fu Sinian picked up a spoon and scooped up a spoonful of braised pork soup to pour on Shi Qian’s rice.

“Your favorite soup..”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Seeing the seriousness in her mother’s eyes, she lowered her head and ate.

As soon as she finished the last bite, Fu Sinian scooped the rice from his bowl into hers again. She didn’t even have time to reach out to cover the bowl.

After helping her eat, Fu Sinian picked up some food and placed it in her bowl.

Shi Qian was really stuffed.

She had even eaten a puff in the car!

Was Fu Sinian trying to hurt her?

Most of the food she had just filled in his bowl was now in hers!

“Young Master Fu, the chicken soup my mother made is not bad either. You didn’t drink chicken soup today. Have a bowl of soup.” Shi Qian picked up a bowl of soup and placed it in front of Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian’s face darkened.

Shi Qian picked up the bowl with a smile, picked up a spoonful of chicken soup, and fed it to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian tasted it.

The soup was fresh and sweet.

However, he was really full.

“It’s good, right? Have another sip.” Shi Qian scooped another mouthful and handed it over.

Fu Sinian didn’t refuse. He took another sip and had just swallowed it when Shi Qian handed him another spoon.

He still didn’t refuse.

There was only one thought in Shi Qian’s mind. Fu Sinian had asked her to eat an extra bowl of rice, so she wanted him to drink an extra bowl of soup!

She fed him the entire bowl of soup. Shi Qian’s hands were sore. She put down the bowl and rubbed her wrists.

“Qian Qian, you haven’t finished your meal. You’ve been feeding me soup just now. Are you tired? I’ll feed you.” Fu Sinian picked up his bowl, stirred the dishes and rice, and fed them to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian internally refused.

“Mom’s watching. She’ll worry if you don’t eat more.”

Shi Qian opened her mouth and took a bite.

Shi Qiuran smiled when she saw this.

In her opinion, Shi Qian and Fu Sinian’s ways of hurting each other was all because of the love between newlyweds. It was simply too sweet.

Sinian, in particular, was obviously a gentle and considerate man. Moreover, he was mature and reliable.

The plates were all empty except for a little rice and chicken soup.

This meal made Shi Qiuran feel especially accomplished.

Sinian had seen all kinds of delicacies and had never eaten them before. She had only made these few simple dishes. He had already given her face and eaten so much. It was obvious how much he loved Qian Qian.

If her daughter could find happiness, she would have no regrets in her life!

“Sit down for a while. I’ll pack these things and be right there.” Shi Qiuran cleared the dishes.

Shi Qian wanted to help, but she was too full to move.

She looked at Fu Sinian and glared at him. Fu Sinian returned her gaze and his gaze moved down.

Shi Qian was originally very relaxed, but when Fu Sinian looked at her, she immediately sucked in her stomach.

There was a smile in Fu Sinian’s eyes. He suddenly reached out and pressed her stomach.

Shi Qian bounced up as if she had been electrocuted!

Shi Qiuran turned around when she heard the commotion. Thinking that the two of them were fooling around, a smile appeared in her eyes again.