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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 273 - 273 Why Was Big Boss Fu Suddenly So Kind?

273 Why Was Big Boss Fu Suddenly So Kind?

He had been worried about this young couple, afraid that they would suddenly become husband and wife and not be used to it before they interacted. Now, it seemed that he had been overthinking!

Jiang Feng helped Chen Song put the things away.

“Come, drink some water.” Shi Qiuran walked towards the two of them with the water.


“No, no. We still have something to deal with, so we won’t dress up. President Fu, Madam, I’ll take my leave first.” Chen Song quickly left.

“Young Master Fu, when you and Young Madam are going back, call me. I’ll pick you up.” Jiang Feng quickly left.

“You’re leaving already? Stay for a meal.” Shi Qiuran invited them politely.

“No, no.” They shook their heads in unison and quickly retreated.

If he dared to stay, Young Master Fu’s gaze alone would hit them a thousand times!

After sending Jiang Feng and Chen Song off, Shi Qiuran closed the ward door.

Shi Qian put down the flowers and sat on the sofa, exhausted. The bouquet was so big that her arms ached.

“Qian Qian, get Sinian a glass of water,” Shi Qiuran instructed Shi Qian before going to the small kitchen.

Shi Qian poured a glass of water and handed it to Fu Sinian. She stood up and walked in Shi Qiuran’s direction.

“Mom, you prepared so many dishes? It’s not that convenient here. Why did you prepare so much?” Shi Qian’s heart ached for her mother. She did not want her to work so hard.

“It’s not easy for you and Sinian to come here. Even if it’s not as convenient at home, Mom has to make a few good dishes to entertain Sinian.”

Shi Qian was a little worried. Fu Sinian was so picky. Her mother had worked so hard for so long. What if he didn’t eat anything later?

“Help Mom take these out,” Shi Qiuran instructed.

Shi Qian helped carry the dishes.

Tonight, Shi Qiuran made a total of four dishes and a soup, as well as two traditional pastries.

There was fried shrimp with peas, corn, fresh lilies, braised pork with quail eggs, sour and sweet pork ribs, and stir-fried cabbage.

The two pastries were a yam date cake and a cloud bean cake.

In addition, she stewed a mushroom chicken soup.

When Shi Qian smelled it, she began to swallow. It had been a long time since she had tasted her mother’s cooking.

The dishes on the table were very appetizing to Fu Sinian.

Every dish was matched especially beautifully.

In particular, the pea, corn, lily, and shrimp were mixed with green, yellow, white, and red. They were brightly colored and looked very appetizing.

Fu Sinian rarely ate fat, let alone pork belly. However, today’s pork belly was neatly stacked piece by piece. It was surrounded by tiger skin quail eggs and dotted with some broccoli. There was a small tomato in the middle of every two broccoli.

The pork ribs were wrapped in a layer of starch and fried golden brown. They were accompanied by some yellow and red peppers. They were mixed with a thick sweet and sour juice that made one want to swallow.

Fu Sinian understood why Shi Qian’s food was so colorful. She had learned it from her mother.

“Eat quickly,” Shi Qiuran called to the two of them.

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian nervously. Just as she was about to ask Fu Sinian which dish he liked to eat, her mother beat her to it.

Her mother was faster. She picked up Fu Sinian’s bowl and scooped a spoonful of braised pork for him!

“Mom, put it down and let him take it himself!” Shi Qian wanted to snatch the bowl away.

Shi Qiuran slapped the back of her hand and looked at Fu Sinian. “Sinian, the song must be mixed with rice to taste good. Try it.”