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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 271 - 271 Do You Want to See What My True Gentleness Is Like?

271 Do You Want to See What My True Gentleness Is Like?

Shi Qian’s cheeks were flushed. Fu Sinian was afraid that she would be too hot to breathe, so he relaxed his arms and stopped hugging her so tightly.

He relaxed his grip and Shi Qian was suddenly shocked!

He quickly pulled her into his arms and patted her shoulder gently. “It’s okay. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.”


After being comforted and held tightly, the sense of security returned. Shi Qian burrowed into his arms in a daze and fell asleep again.

Fu Sinian didn’t let go of her again. It felt better to hold her in his arms!

A phone rang suddenly, shattering the silence in the car.

Fu Sinian reached out and answered.

“Qian Qian, where are you? Is there traffic again?” Shi Qiuran’s voice sounded on the phone.

“Mom, it’s Sinian,” Fu Sinian replied softly.

“Oh, it’s Sinian? Where’s Qian Qian?”

“Qian Qian is asleep, so I answered the phone,” Fu Sinian explained softly.

Shi Qian was already woken up by the phone ringing. She thought that Fu Sinian had answered his own call, but in the end, he answered hers!

She quickly reached for the phone!

After snatching the phone, she asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Get Sinian to answer the phone. I haven’t spoken to him yet!” Shi Qiuran immediately said.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Reluctantly, she handed the phone to Fu Sinian.

“Sinian, I see that you haven’t arrived after so long. Is there a traffic jam?” Shi Qiuran’s voice sounded again.

“There was some traffic today.”

Shi Qian thought to herself, Isn’t it the same if you ask me this question?

“Take your time. There’s no hurry.”

“We’ll be there soon. We’re already in the hospital carpark.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you upstairs.”

Shi Qian immediately looked out of the car window. They were indeed in the hospital’s underground carpark!

Fu Sinian handed the phone to Shi Qian.

She took the phone and checked the time. She had actually slept for so long!

“When did we arrive?” she asked Fu Sinian.

“Half an hour ago.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You were sleeping so soundly that I wanted you to sleep a little longer.”

Shi Qian couldn’t help but rub her hair, feeling a little confused. She could actually fall asleep in Fu Sinian’s arms under such circumstances?

She had to hand it to herself!

“Young Master Fu, let’s go up then.”

“Wait,” Fu Sinian called out to her.

“What’s wrong?” Shi Qian looked puzzled.

Fu Sinian didn’t answer. Instead, he tidied her messy hair with his hand.

“I’ll do it myself.” Shi Qian ducked.

“Can you see where the mess is? Don’t move. I’ll help you organize it quickly. It’ll take less time.”

Shi Qian stopped moving.

Fu Sinian gently tidied her hair. His fingertips passed through her hair without hurting her at all.

Shi Qian tensed again with his actions.

“Shi Qian, do you want to see what my true gentleness looks like?” Fu Sinian asked softly.

The light from the car window shone through the glass and fell into Fu Sinian’s eyes. It bloomed brightly in his dark eyes. Even the cold stars had a scorching temperature.

Shi Qian looked into his eyes and her tense heartstrings were plucked.

“Young Master Fu… We’re going to settle the divorce procedures tomorrow.”

Fu Sinian turned his face. The light shining into his eyes was gone, and his body was plunged into darkness.

After a few seconds, the car door opened and Fu Sinian got out first…