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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 268 - 268 The Air Is Full of His Smell

268 The Air Is Full of His Smell

Shi Qian was about to wipe her face with a tissue when Fu Sinian suddenly leaned toward her.

“Don’t move.” His voice was accompanied by a hot breeze that brushed past her ears. It was as if he had cast a spell on her, immobilizing her.

Fu Sinian dipped his finger into the stuffing on her cheek and put it in his mouth.


Instantly, he looked extremely uncomfortable.

“What’s that smell?”

“Durian?” Shi Qian was not sure if it was a pure durian, but it was definitely mixed with durian.

Fu Sinian’s expression made her forget that he had just eaten the spot that had been wiped from her cheek.

She pulled a tissue and held it out to him, thinking he was going to spit it out.

Fu Sinian took the tissue and wiped his fingers.

He forced himself to swallow.

However, his expression was extremely ugly.

This was one of the reasons he didn’t like things outside. That was because until he put it in his mouth, he would never know what it tasted like!

“Do you like durians?” Fu Sinian asked Shi Qian.

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded.

“How can you eat something like this?”

“It smells good. There’s also stinky tofu and Douzhi…”

Fu Sinian’s face darkened as he heard the names of the food.

Shi Qian didn’t continue. She didn’t want to agitate Fu Sinian anymore.

Fu Sinian took out a bottle of water and kept pouring it into his mouth until there was no taste of durian in his mouth. Then he put the bottle down.

When he turned around, Shi Qian had finished the entire puff. There was a little stuffing at the corner of her mouth.

If it hadn’t been durian-flavored, he might have lost control and kissed her lips to taste it with her!

He pulled out a tissue and gave it to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian was about to take it when Fu Sinian evaded her hand and wiped the corner of her mouth.

She froze.

She involuntarily retreated.

She really couldn’t accept such an intimate gesture between Fu Sinian and her.

“Shi Qian, helping someone who has never eaten a wrap once is called being gentle. You might have some misunderstanding about the word gentle.”

Shi Qian didn’t follow Fu Sinian’s train of thought for a moment.

Fu Sinian suddenly advanced towards her.

The two of them only took up one space.

Fu Sinian’s oppression was everywhere. Shi Qian was like a helpless little rabbit, completely enveloped in his shadow.

He tilted her chin, his gaze falling to her eyes.

Shi Qian’s heartbeat lost its rhythm completely.

What was Fu Sinian trying to do?!

She could no longer breathe! The air she breathed carried Fu Sinian’s scent and invaded her body forcefully!

Fu Sinian lowered his head slowly and pressed his lips to her brow.

Shi Qian’s skin tightened with nervousness. She couldn’t help but shrink.

The lips between her brows had a faint warmth. They were so soft they seemed to melt into her heart.

Electricity seeped under her skin like tentacles and swam with her nerves.

Fu Sinian looked up slowly and realized that Shi Qian was tense. Some not-so-good memories instantly surged into his mind.

She wasn’t stressed again, was she?

Panic flashed in Fu Sinian’s eyes. “Shi Qian?” he called urgently.

Shi Qian suddenly pushed him hard.

Fu Sinian was caught off guard and his body hit the car door.

Such a violent action shook the entire car!

The partition covered the back tightly. Jiang Feng could not hear or see anything!

However, this shock…

Young Master Fu was too arrogant. He was about to visit his mother-in-law and didn’t even know how to control himself!