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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 267 - 267 She's His Little Dessert

267 She’s His Little Dessert

There were a few seconds of silence on the line.

Shi Qian regretted it.

Actually, she shouldn’t have made the call at all.


She and Fu Sinian were getting a divorce tomorrow. How could she be so selfish? In order to make her mother happy, she even asked Fu Sinian to accompany her to the hospital.

Shi Qian was about to speak when Fu Sinian’s voice sounded on the phone.

“Chen Song, is there anything else I should do next?”

“President Fu, you don’t have any work arrangements next,” Chen Song quickly replied.

Fu Sinian turned to the phone again. “I’m free. Are you done now?”

“I… I’m done too.”

“Wait for me. I’ll leave now and pick you up.” Fu Sinian hung up.

Chen Song immediately went forward and helped Fu Sinian organize the documents on the table. “President Fu, I’ll organize another copy of the summary of the meeting and the project progress report and send it to you.”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded. “Go buy some gifts first and order a bouquet of flowers. Wait for me at the hospital.”

“Okay, I’ll do it immediately!” Chen Song immediately replied.

Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and left the office.

Under everyone’s surprised gazes, Chen Song calmly said, “Meeting adjourned.”

He really wanted to give himself a thumbs up!

Why was he so smart?

It seemed that hugging Madam’s thigh was more important than anything in the future! Madam was simply his lucky star!

Shi Qian sat in the lounge and waited for Fu Sinian.

She felt conflicted.

She had been restraining herself from thinking too much about Su Ruoqing coming to clarify things with her today. However, now that she was free, she couldn’t help but think about it.

Was it really as Fu Sinian had said? Was Su Ruoqing just his psychiatrist?

She couldn’t be sure if Fu Sinian had feelings for Su Ruoqing. She was sure that Su Ruoqing must love Fu Sinian very, very much.

“Shi Qian, stop thinking about it! What has Fu Sinian’s love for Su Ruoqing got to do with you?” Shi Qian warned herself secretly.

All she had ever wanted was a simple life.

When her mother recovered, she would have a job that she liked and could support her and her mother. It was enough for her to take care of her mother for the rest of her life!

This was the best opportunity. She would take the opportunity to divorce Fu Sinian and the two of them would not interact much again.

She would also use other methods to be filial to the old master.

Shi Qian had just calmed down when her phone rang. She immediately answered.

“Young Master Fu, I’m still upstairs. Okay, I’ll be right down.”

When she arrived downstairs, Shi Qian saw the luxury car. Jiang Feng immediately opened the door.

As soon as she got into the car, she smelled a rich fragrance.

On the small partition between the two seats was an exquisite meal box.

Fu Sinian opened the lid of the lunch box. In the four compartments were different desserts: a chocolate mousse, a macaroon, a cookie, and a crispy puff.

“For me?” Shi Qian asked suspiciously.

“You didn’t eat much for lunch. The old master said that your stomach isn’t feeling well. You can’t go hungry.” Fu Sinian handed the dessert box to Shi Qian.

“Thank you,” Shi Qian said softly.

To be honest, she was flattered by Fu Sinian’s behavior.

She was really hungry too. The old master had filled her bag with some small biscuits, and she had forgotten to eat them.

She picked up her favorite puff and took a bite. Suddenly, the filling leaked out and stained her cheeks!

Fu Sinian’s eyes darkened at her current state.

The corners of her mouth and cheeks were filled with creamy stuffing.

He suddenly wanted to taste the desserts too.