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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 261 - 261 Another Storm Appears, Big Boss Fu Shows His Might!

261 Another Storm Appears, Big Boss Fu Shows His Might!

The old master sighed. “Help? This isn’t a company matter or business. How can outsiders help with relationships? If he really wants to keep his marriage to Qian Qian, he can only rely on himself.”

“That’s true.” Jin An nodded. “However, with Young Master Fu’s wisdom and conditions, it’s not impossible for him not to be able to touch Young Madam, right?”

“Hmph!” The old master sneered. “It’s hard to say.”


… .

Shi Qian recorded for three hours and stopped to rest.

As soon as she arrived at the lounge, Xiao Hua handed a bottle of water to Shi Qian.

“Thank you,” Shi Qian said softly.

“Shi Qian, are you prepared to sign a contract with Xian Cheng Entertainment?” Xiao Hua couldn’t help but ask.

“How do you know about this?” Shi Qian asked in surprise.

Xiao Hua’s expression was even more exaggerated. “Is everything said online true?”

“What did the Internet say again?” Shi Qian quickly took out her phone.

As soon as she opened the social media website, she became a trending topic again, but this time, she was scolded!

[Shi Qian has no bottom line in order to hype herself up! She has not reached a cooperation with Xian Cheng Entertainment and the two sides are fighting!]

After reading the contents, Shi Qian was furious!

It was actually written that she had asked Xian Cheng Entertainment to hype up the scandal between her and Jiang Yuan. Seeing that the scandal was very successful, she actually raised the price to 80 million!

Instead, Xian Cheng Entertainment became a victim that exposed her true colors in a fit of anger!

Shi Qian couldn’t help but dial the agent’s number.

The other party answered immediately.

“Did you post the post that became a trending topic?”

“Shi Qian, you agreed to the hype. Can’t we reach a cooperation according to our previous agreement? If that was the case, things wouldn’t be like this now, right?”

“When did I tacitly agree to you hyping up my scandal with Jiang Yuan?” Shi Qian questioned coldly.

“Isn’t that a tacit understanding?”

The other party was clearly an expert at words. Shi Qian felt that she was no match for him.

She cut the line.

She looked up and met Xiao Hua’s sizing gaze.

She wanted to explain, but she felt that even if she did, the other party might not believe her.

She couldn’t understand why there were always people targeting her when she wasn’t popular and hadn’t officially entered the entertainment industry. Previously, it was Qin Hao, and now it was Xian Cheng Entertainment.

She had a feeling that someone was deliberately targeting her.

When Fu Sinian arrived at the office building where Shi Qian was recording, he saw many reporters surrounding the first floor. In addition to these reporters, there were also some unfriendly girls.

These should be Jiang Yuan’s fans.

Now, the Internet was pointing fingers at Shi Qian. Those irrational fans might do anything drastic.

He had expected this before he came.

“Jiang Feng, go deal with it,” Fu Sinian instructed softly.

“Young Master Fu, are we clearing the area?” Jiang Feng asked softly.

“No, let them stand further away.”

“Yes.” Jiang Feng immediately went to negotiate.

As soon as Jiang Feng left, Chen Song walked out of the hall on the first floor with a document.

He came to the car and reported, “Young Master Fu, we’ve already bought this building. Now, everything here is yours. All the security and property personnel are at your disposal.”

“Get the security guards to come out and guard the hall on the first floor separately,” Fu Sinian instructed.

“Yes!” Chen Song immediately went to make arrangements.