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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 257 - 257 Shi Qian, You're Shameless!

257 Shi Qian, You’re Shameless!

“Shi Qian is different from those plushies,” Fu Sinian retorted.

These words were like a hammer that shattered Su Ruoqing’s last hope!

“Are you willing to be trapped by a woman for the rest of your life? Besides, this woman doesn’t love you. In fact, she wants to escape you all the time.”


There was silence on the line.

Su Ruoqing slowly curled her lips. “Sinian, actually, Shi Qian and I talked about you that day. At that time, I was very curious and asked her why an outstanding man like you couldn’t move her.”

“What did she say?”

“She said that the last thing you can force in this world is feelings. It doesn’t matter if you don’t love someone or not,” Su Ruoqing said slowly.

Fu Sinian suddenly thought of what Shi Qian had said to the old master.

The person she liked didn’t have to be so outstanding.

“Sinian, do you still need me to see Shi Qian tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Fu Sinian said and hung up.

Su Ruoqing gripped her phone tightly, her entire body trembling!

What magic did Shi Qian have to make Fu Sinian fall for her so quickly!

No! She could not lose to Shi Qian!


… .

Shi Qian returned to her room. Fu Sinian’s words echoed in her mind uncontrollably.

Had her grandfather pressured him without her knowing?

Or had he really given up his feelings so that his grandfather wouldn’t have any regrets?

Shi Qian’s heart was in a mess.

No matter what had made Fu Sinian unwilling to get a divorce, this was not the outcome she wanted.

Lying in bed, she tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. She picked up her phone and scrolled through it in boredom.

Suddenly, Su Ruoqing posted a post on her Moments.

In the photo, Su Ruoqing was slumped on the table. Her glass was empty. The indescribable sadness could spill from the screen.

Had Fu Sinian already made things clear to Su Ruoqing?

Did they really break up?

Just as Shi Qian was struggling with this question, her phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID was Su Ruoqing!

Shi Qian hesitated before answering.

“Hello, Miss Su.”

“Shi Qian…” Su Ruoqing’s voice was hoarse and filled with tears. She said nothing else but kept sobbing.

“Miss Su, are you okay?”

“Shi Qian, I underestimated your rank. Why was I so stupid? I actually trusted you so much! How could you get a divorce so easily if you could marry Fu Sinian? Hahaha, I’m really too naive.”

“Miss Su, it’s not what you think. I’ve always wanted to divorce Young Master Fu. This thought has never wavered,” Shi Qian replied coldly.

“You’ve never wavered? Shi Qian, if I still believe you, I’ll be a complete fool! You’re talking about divorcing him while doing everything you can to seduce him, right? Shi Qian, you succeeded! You must be secretly amused now! He’s unwilling to divorce you.”

“I never seduced Fu Sinian!”

“Do you dare to say that you haven’t had physical contact in so long?” Su Ruoqing questioned loudly.

Shi Qian could not argue.

“Shi Qian, you’re so shameless! I won’t give up on Fu Sinian! No!”

“Miss Su, you’re drunk. I think it’s better for the two of you to resolve the matter between you and Young Master Fu. You can’t solve anything by looking for me. I’m also worried about how to divorce Fu Sinian.”

With that, Shi Qian hung up.

Su Ruoqing looked at her phone and slowly smiled coldly.

She no longer looked drunk.