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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 255 - 255 Be Mrs. Fu For Your Whole Life

255 Be Mrs. Fu For Your Whole Life

“I… I was thinking that after so long, maybe you’ve recovered?” Shi Qian replied.

Since Fu Sinian said that he couldn’t feel anything. Could it be that he didn’t know his own reaction, right?

Men were indeed pigs!


Fu Sinian was really a scumbag!

The more Shi Qian thought about it, the angrier she became. She glared at Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian couldn’t read her mind.

He only found her a little cute like this.

Oh right, the divorce was not said yet! Shi Qian suddenly thought of this.

“Young Master Fu, Grandpa agrees to our divorce!” Shi Qian suddenly said.

Fu Sinian felt his heart hit by an arrow!

Moreover, this arrow hit the bullseye!

“Did the old master really agree?” Fu Sinian pretended not to know and asked.

“Yes, Grandpa told me himself. I wanted to tell you that morning, but you kept talking on the phone. Later, you were on a business trip. You were busy when I called you.”

Fu Sinian was not as happy as Shi Qian had imagined.

Instead, Shi Qian finally said these words and felt relieved.

“Young Master Fu, we can settle the divorce procedures tomorrow. You’ve waited so long for this day. Are you very happy?”

Fu Sinian didn’t answer her question. “I think you’re quite happy,” he said slowly.

Was she in a hurry to cut ties with him so that she could fall into that senior’s arms and run off with him?

“Are you in such a hurry to divorce me to be with that senior of yours?” he asked in a low voice.

Shi Qian felt that Fu Sinian’s tone sounded so strange.

“Doesn’t Young Master Fu want to get together with Miss Su sooner?”

Fu Sinian choked.

He finally knew what it meant to shoot yourself in the foot.

“I can’t do the divorce for the time being.”

“Why?” Shi Qian looked doubtful.

“I don’t want the old master to have any regrets.”

“What’s wrong with Grandpa?” Shi Qian’s heart tightened uncontrollably.

“The old master has had his heart changed once before. His heart is failing badly now. He looks very healthy, but, at his age, I always have to be prepared.”

The topic suddenly became heavy.

Shi Qian could not breathe.

“Young Master Fu, I’ve communicated with Grandpa about our marriage. I think he’s serious. If you divorce me, it shouldn’t agitate him.”

“Even if he manages to hold on, he’ll inevitably have regrets.”

“Are you willing to give up on Miss Su just like that?”

“Are you willing to give up that senior of yours?”

Shi Qian’s heart sank.

She didn’t have a senior. She was just spouting nonsense to brush him off.

His Miss Su was the focus, okay?

“Alright, let’s talk about Su Ruoqing first. Even if it wasn’t for your appearance, it’s impossible for her and me to get married,” Fu Sinian said calmly. He couldn’t let Shi Qian continue to misunderstand his relationship with Su Ruoqing.

“Then you and her…”

“I’m done with her. I have nothing to do with Su Ruoqing except work.”

Shi Qian opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

Her heart was in turmoil.

Fu Sinian couldn’t confess his true relationship with Su Ruoqing. Otherwise, his acting with Su Ruoqing would be exposed. He didn’t know how the old master would ridicule him.

As long as Shi Qian knew that he had nothing to do with Su Ruoqing, it would be fine.

“Shi Qian, are you willing to be my wife in this life?”