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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 254 - 254 I've Never Seen Such a Shameless Person

254 I’ve Never Seen Such a Shameless Person

For some reason, she felt that the atmosphere was indescribably awkward.

“Young Master Fu, should I massage your legs?” Shi Qian asked.

“Okay,” Fu Sinian agreed with a nod.


Shi Qian pinched Fu Sinian’s leg and realized that they felt different from before.

She remembered the first time she rubbed his legs. They were a little thin and his flesh was very soft. She could only feel his bones and skin. There was no feeling of muscle at all.

It was actually different now. He was no different from a normal person.

She could feel hard muscles on his calves.

Even if she didn’t know anything about medicine, she could tell from general knowledge that this was a healthy state.

After more than ten minutes of rubbing, a thin layer of sweat appeared on Shi Qian’s forehead.

“There’s no need to rub anymore. Rest for a while.”

“Young Master Fu, why don’t I try to help you up? You’ll be more comfortable in bed.”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian held out his hand to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian gripped his hand tightly and put his arm around her shoulder. She wrapped one arm around Fu Sinian’s waist and struggled to prop herself up on the bed with the other. She slowly got up.

Fu Sinian had just stood up when he lost his balance and fell onto the bed with Shi Qian!

Shi Qian fell onto the bed. Then Fu Sinian fell on top of her.

She felt the air in her lungs being squeezed out at once and groaned.

Fu Sinian’s brows tightened slightly at the sound.

“Young Master Fu, can you move a little?” Shi Qian reached out and pushed him.

“Don’t move!” Fu Sinian suddenly stopped him. “My legs are cramping. I’m unconscious from the waist down.”

Shi Qian’s hand froze at his words.

“Then what should we do? Is it serious? Should we call Dr. Bai over to take a look?” Shi Qian was a little worried about him.

“No, it’s not the first time this has happened. It’ll get better in a while.”

Shi Qian found it difficult to breathe under his pressure. “Young Master Fu, your arms are strong, right?”


“Can you lift them a little? I… I can’t breathe.”

Fu Sinian propped himself up using his hands.

Shi Qian looked at him and struggled to look down. For a moment, her face was red.

“Young Master Fu, there’s no need to hold on.”

Fu Sinian bent his arm just as Shi Qian turned her face.

Their lips met with precision.

Shi Qian’s eyes widened in shock!

Fu Sinian tasted a faint taste of peaches.

On her lips was the sweet taste of peaches.

A few seconds later, Shi Qian reacted and pushed Fu Sinian’s chest with difficulty.

In such a short period of time, Fu Sinian had successfully invaded her privacy without effort.

He didn’t continue.

What had just happened could only be considered a small accident.

If he didn’t stop now, he would be a hooligan.

Shi Qian could no longer think straight.

Did Fu Sinian just kiss her?

Did he take advantage of her like that?

Thinking of the two of them’s current situation, Shi Qian did not have much confidence to seek justice.

“Young Master Fu, have you not recovered?”


Shi Qian’s face turned redder, as if she were still holding her breath.

After a moment of silence, she couldn’t help but say, “Young Master Fu, are you sure you really can’t feel anything?”

“No,” Fu Sinian replied firmly.

“No! You do!” Shi Qian was angry and anxious.

She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

How could this be called no reaction?

She could tell!

Fu Sinian certainly knew what reaction she was referring to.

She already knew.

Did she only realize it now?

“How do you know I can feel things?” he asked shamelessly.