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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 248 - 248 She Can Be Related to Anything!

248 She Can Be Related to Anything!

At around three in the afternoon, Shi Qian and Jiang Yuan continued dubbing.

Jiang Yuan’s phone kept ringing.

Xiao Hua had no choice but to pause and gesture for Jiang Yuan to come out and answer the call.


Shi Qian followed Jiang Yuan out.

“What’s going on? Hasn’t this matter been settled?”

“Hurry up and take a look. I have to go to the recording studio immediately.”

Jiang Yuan hung up and opened his social media platform. Sure enough, the top trending topic was his news.

Should exposing the news that he had a girlfriend cause such a big reaction?

When he saw the photo, he looked in Shi Qian’s direction in shock.

Shi Qian was even more confused.

This photo was the bottle of water he had handed Shi Qian that day. However, the angle was especially good and the background was blurred. It felt like a private photo of the two of them alone.

The other picture was of him entering the restaurant and Shi Qian entering.

Although the two photos were not a group photo, no one else had taken them. The media was best at making groundless accusations. The two photos were placed together at this moment.

It hinted that he was dating Shi Qian and eating with her.

In just a short period of time, someone found out that Shi Qian was the dubber of this drama and was dubbing for the female lead.

Various versions of the rumors were released.

Shi Qian had been chosen as a dub actor because of him.

He had actually participated in the recording to interact with Shi Qian…

The company’s public relations department had not responded. They might have entered the process.

At this moment, not responding was the best response.

Jiang Yuan’s manager suddenly rushed in. Instead of walking straight towards Jiang Yuan, he walked towards Shi Qian.

“Miss Shi, does what happened online have anything to do with you?”

“What is it?” Shi Qian looked puzzled.

“How did Jiang Yuan’s schedule get exposed? Do you dare to say that it has anything to do with you? The hype about your relationship online is trending!”

Shi Qian did not respond to her agent. She quickly took out her phone and opened a social media account. She saw the post on the trending searches.

After reading it, she looked at her manager. “This has nothing to do with me! It’s even more impossible for me to leak Jiang Yuan’s schedule!”

“What about these photos?”

“You should know that I didn’t book the place to eat. He just brought me along politely. As for the bottle of water that was sent over, it’s even more impossible that I arranged it. How would I know that Jiang Yuan would hand me water to drink?”

The agent was speechless.

Jiang Yuan walked over and pulled the agent aside. “Find out who’s behind this first. I feel that this isn’t purely for the traffic. What if it’s targeting me? Shi Qian is the victim instead.”

“The entire Internet knows about her. With so much attention, others can’t get it even if they begged. Don’t jump to conclusions too early. She’s still a suspect. Jiang Yuan, you can’t continue recording in this recording studio. I’ll contact Director Zheng and change a recording studio for you. Come with me now to avoid being blocked by the media.”

“I’ll go pack my things.” Jiang Yuan turned around to pack his things.

A few minutes later, the agent and Jiang Yuan left.

Shi Qian’s heart burned.

Why was she involved in everything!?

Was she having a bad year recently!

She recorded until six in the afternoon. Shi Qian left the recording studio.

On the way back, she kept staring at her phone. The news about her and Jiang Yuan had yet to subside. Besides, she realized that a portion of the attention was on her.