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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 247 - 247 Let's Consider It a Business Show!

247 Let’s Consider It a Business Show!

At twelve in the morning, a piece of news blew up the entertainment industry!

[Jiang Yuan’s relationship is suspected to have been exposed. His girlfriend’s identity is a mystery.]

As soon as this message was released, it instantly became a trending topic.


Fans ran out to defend their idols.

[Again? Which brave cannon fodder wants to ride on our Yuanyuan’s popularity again? Since it’s suspected, please don’t post it! The fans are tired, okay?]

[Please take this photo professionally, okay? It’s blurry. Can’t our Yuanyuan have a meal? After Yuanyuan’s scenes are done, she still has to personally record the dubbing. Her work schedule is full. Please don’t harass her. Thank you!]

[YY has girlfriends all over the world, and they’re all real girlfriends. Fans, please line up. Don’t post anything suspicious. It’s embarrassing!]

This trending topic was mocked by Jiang Yuan’s fans.

Soon, the popularity dropped.

Jiang Yuan’s manager also informed the public relations department to keep an eye on this matter to prevent it from fermenting again.

“Jiang Yuan, I think this matter might have something to do with your whereabouts being exposed,” his agent said to Jiang Yuan.

“I’ve finished filming all my scenes. It’s the behind-the-scenes production stage. The new drama hasn’t been signed yet, and my schedule is very confidential. Who wants to ride on this popularity? It’s not like you don’t know what happens to people who want to ride on my popularity.”

“You! You can’t remember after suffering so many losses!”

“We’re all in the same circle. As long as we don’t cross the line…”

“Your bottom line is low enough. Go to sleep. I’ll keep an eye on her for a while longer, lest she causes more trouble in the middle of the night.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yuan stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

The night was calm.

The Internet also calmed down. Everyone thought that this matter would be a short-lived viral post.

The key was that as long as it was about Jiang Yuan’s girlfriend, it would be trending.

This was one of the recognized mysteries of the entertainment industry.

Shi Qian prepared to go to the recording studio at nine o’clock. Half an hour later, Jiang Yuan also arrived.

They greeted each other and went to work.

Jiang Yuan’s progress was faster. Today, they were mainly recording separately. There were only a few small segments that needed to be done together.

“Shi Qian, let’s record those scenes in the afternoon, okay?” Jiang Yuan asked Shi Qian.

“Sure. If you need any cooperation, just let me know. I’m ok with it,” Shi Qian replied with a faint smile.

“To be honest, I quite like working with you on the recording. My emotions are always affected by you. I get into character faster.”

“Teacher Jiang, I don’t know how to answer you. I’m flattered.”

“You’re a professional at dubbing. We’re in post-production now. I should call you Teacher Shi.”

Shi Qian blushed instantly. “No, no, I’m flattered. I’m ashamed to say that.”

“You’re too humble. No, I should say that you’re capable and low-key,” Jiang Yuan continued.

“I think Teacher Jiang’s acting skills are perfect. You’re so professional and you took care of everything so well. It’s very admirable,” Shi Qian quickly replied.

“Are we praising each other?” Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but laugh.

“Then let’s end this awkward conversation!” Shi Qian couldn’t take it anymore.

After this chat, the atmosphere between them relaxed. They were not as reserved as before.

It was past three in the afternoon. The two of them were working together on the recording.

Another message was posted online. The entire Internet was in an uproar!