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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 246 - 246 Another Trap

246 Another Trap

As soon as Shi Qian arrived at the recording studio, a few staff members immediately surrounded her.

“Shi Qian, are you okay? Have you recovered?” Xiao Hua and Shi Qian were the most familiar with each other and were the first to speak.

“I’m fine. Thank you for asking,” Shi Qian replied politely.


After greeting each other, the staff at the recording studio went to work.

After recording for two hours, Shi Qian took off her earpiece and went outside to rest.

“Jiang Yuan didn’t come today?” she asked Xiao Hua.

“I’m not too sure about Jiang Yuan’s schedule. Director Zheng has instructed us to follow Jiang Yuan’s schedule. If we really can’t finish it during the day, we’ll work overtime.”

“That’s true. He should be busy.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Actually, it’s mainly because the news of Jiang Yuan recording here was leaked to the media. Some fans and the media are already waiting around.”

“Doesn’t this require a confidentiality agreement?”

“Jiang Yuan might be investigating it too. However, it’s very likely that he won’t be able to find anything. Some secret fans are also very powerful. They’re everywhere.”

“Was the secret fan exposed this time?” Shi Qian asked curiously.

“I’m not sure yet. As far as I know, Jiang Yuan came here at the last minute. Only Jiang Yuan’s own manager’s assistant, Director Zheng, and the few of us know. As you said, we signed a confidentiality agreement. It’s impossible for us to joke about our jobs.”

Shi Qian nodded.

Originally, she thought this was just gossip.

However, the development was completely unexpected.

Moreover, he pushed her into the limelight again!

After a day of recording, Shi Qian’s phone number, which she used to deal with work, received a call.

“Hello, Shi Qian. I’m the ace agent of Xian Cheng Entertainment. My surname is Xiao.”

“Hello, Miss Xiao. Why are you looking for me?”

“It’s like this. Our company has been hiring a batch of newcomers recently. I think your overall image is not bad. I wonder if you have any intention of joining us? As far as I know, you haven’t signed with any company yet, right? Miss Shi, only by signing with a company and having a big tree behind you can your career be smoother.”

Shi Qian had heard of Xian Cheng Entertainment.

It was also a relatively famous entertainment company that had made many popular celebrities famous.

It was called a celebrity processing plant.

She felt that the caller sounded like a multi-level marketer.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t considered signing with any company yet.” Shi Qian politely declined.

“Miss Shi, feel free to ask for anything. As long as we can do it, we will definitely satisfy you. The company thinks highly of your strength and won’t treat you as a newcomer. We can sign all conditions in the contract. In half a year, I guarantee that you will be famous all over the Internet! You will become a popular celebrity! We will also give you the best resources. After signing the contract, you will act as the female lead.”

This condition was indeed tempting.

However, Shi Qian was still unmoved.

“I’m sorry, I’m still a student. I still want to focus on my studies.”

“Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision. Let’s continue to keep in touch, okay? I’ll show you our company’s abilities first.”

A trace of doubt rose in Shi Qian’s heart.

She had already refused, so what abilities did Miss Xiao have to show her?

“Soon you’ll be able to see the effect and wait for our good news,” the other party said again and hung up.

Shi Qian was really confused.