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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 245 - 245 Whether He Can Keep His Wife Will Depend on His Own Ability

245 Whether He Can Keep His Wife Will Depend on His Own Ability

Chen Song handed the phone to Fu Sinian.

“Contact the human resources department yourself. From today onwards, you’ll be my special assistant.”


The CEO’s special assistant!

Chen Song felt like he had been hit by a huge pie.

After a while, he remembered to thank Fu Sinian. “Thank you for your trust, President Fu! I’ll definitely work hard!”

Fu Sinian put away his phone and continued eating his breakfast.

Shi Qian waited at home for the entire day. Even at night, she didn’t receive Fu Sinian’s call back.

The old master watered the vegetable garden.

Shi Qian was wearing a straw hat and a floral dress as she helped hold the hose.

The old master looked at Shi Qian from time to time and realized that this girl was distracted all day long.

Suddenly, the tap fell from Shi Qian’s hand.

The water sprayed her face and body. Startled, she hurried to pick up the tap.

Jin An saw this and quickly turned off the tap.

The old master walked towards Shi Qian and wiped her face with a towel.

“Qian Qian, why do you look so troubled? Tell Grandpa something.”

“Young Master Fu suddenly went on a business trip yesterday.”

“Yes, he told me about it. I think he went to Bin City.”

“I called him this morning. His secretary answered. I asked him to call me back when he was free. He never did.”

“Maybe he’s busy,” the old master comforted her casually.

Qian Qian must be looking for Sinian about the divorce.

However, Fu Sinian was on a business trip and didn’t answer his phone. This little thought…

He didn’t understand, really.

“You want to tell Sinian that I agree to your divorce, right?” the old master asked Shi Qian.

“Yes, Grandpa. I want to get this done sooner,” Shi Qian replied truthfully.

“Are you afraid that Grandpa will go back on his word? Qian Qian, since Grandpa has agreed, any time counts. The Bin City project has many twists and turns. Sinian will never keep an eye on it personally unless it’s something very important.”

“Besides, even if you call him and tell him, he won’t be back until he finishes the Bin City project. Why don’t you listen to Grandpa and talk about this when Sinian gets back?”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Go and change. You’re wet. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Yes, change. I’ll be right back.”

Shi Qian turned and left.

Jin An came to the old master and shook his head with a smile. “Young Madam is really too innocent. She was bullied by you and Young Master Fu.”

“Nonsense! How can I bear to bully Qian Qian! It’s Fu Sinian! Don’t implicate me,” the old master immediately retorted.

“Why are you covering for Young Master Fu? Do you need Young Master Fu to personally handle the Bin City project?” Jin An exposed him mercilessly.

“This is Fu Sinian’s last chance. I’ll only help him this once. Whether he can keep his wife or not depends on his own ability! If he doesn’t cherish this opportunity and if I help him again, I’ll slap my own face!”

The old master said fiercely.

After resting for two days, Shi Qian felt that her mental state had completely recovered, so she suggested to the old master that she go to the recording studio to work.

“Sure, but Grandpa will go with you.”

“Grandpa, I can’t do that. What kind of job allows you to bring a family member?”

“Who said I was going to the recording studio with you? I bought an office in that building, next door to the recording studio. When you’re done recording, come next door and rest.”

Shi Qian looked at the old master in shock.

“Go and pack up. It’s getting late. Let’s go.” The old master urged Shi Qian instead.