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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 244 - 244 Big Boss Fu: My Wife!

244 Big Boss Fu: My Wife!

Fu Sinian put down the phone, his mind in turmoil.

From the capital to Bin City.


Was he abandoning his armor and fleeing?

He suddenly felt frustrated. He closed his computer and looked up to meet Chen Song’s sizing gaze.

Chen Song quickly lowered his head, not daring to meet Fu Sinian’s gaze.

“That’s all for today.”

“Yes, Young Master Fu. I’ll go back to my room first. Good night.” Chen Song greeted him and left.

As soon as he walked out, he stomped his feet as if he had gone crazy.

Something was wrong. There was definitely something wrong with Young Master Fu’s feelings!

Did he successfully cover for Young Master Fu just now?!

Who was the girl on the phone that could make Young Master Fu’s voice so gentle!

How curious!

It seemed that he had to ask Jiang Feng when he was free. That guy definitely knew.

Shi Qian had just laid down when she received a friend invitation on WeChat.

Note: Su Ruoqing.

After a moment’s hesitation, she accepted the friend request.

Su Ruoqing immediately sent a message: [Hello, Shi Qian. Let’s add each other on WeChat. It’s more convenient to contact each other.]

Shi Qian felt that Su Ruoqing’s enthusiasm was awkward.

There was no way she could be friends with Su Ruoqing.

She found a suitable expression and sent it as a response.

Su Ruoqing didn’t reply.

Shi Qian lay in bed, still not sleepy.

She took out her phone and looked at her Moments.

She had only flipped through two or three messages when she saw Su Ruoqing’s status.

[It’s really a terrible experience to have a workaholic boyfriend. You can only clock in yourself in such a fun place! Hmph! Your little cutie is already angry. Coax me quickly!]

The photos accompanying the photo were enough to make up the nine grids, and there was a location.

Bin City.

Su Ruoqing was not in the capital either?

A small question flashed through Shi Qian’s mind, but she didn’t think too much about it. She continued to scroll.

Not long after, it was Jiang Feng’s post.

Shi Qian realized that Jiang Feng was also in Bin City.

Since Jiang Feng was in Bin City, Fu Sinian must be there too.

Therefore, Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing were together.

Shi Qian put down her phone and looked at the ceiling.

If she had known, she would have told Fu Sinian about the divorce today no matter what.

Grandpa had already agreed to their divorce. If Fu Sinian found out, he would definitely settle the procedures with her immediately!

She really regretted it. Why hadn’t she just asked?

It was just a matter of words. It didn’t take much of his time.

The next morning, Shi Qian dialed Fu Sinian’s number.

Fu Sinian was eating breakfast. When he saw the caller ID, he immediately handed the phone to Chen Song.

“President Fu? Should I answer it?”

“Yes.” Fu Sinian nodded.

“Then what do I call this person on the phone?”


Chen Song was speechless!

“President Fu, what should I say to Madam?”

“Just say I’m in a meeting and busy.”

He was clearly not busy!

However, Chen Song did not dare to question it.

He immediately picked up the phone and answered. “Mrs. Fu, hello. I’m President Fu’s secretary. My name is Chen Song.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

It took her a long time to react. She quickly replied, “Hello, hello.”

“Mrs. Fu, it’s not convenient for President Fu to answer the call. What can I do for you? I can pass the message on your behalf.”

“Tell him to call me back when he’s free. I have something very important to tell him,” Shi Qian replied gently.

“Okay, Mrs. Fu.”

This secretary kept calling her Mrs. Fu. Shi Qian was extremely uncomfortable with that.

“Thank you.”

“Mrs. Fu, you’re too kind.”

Shi Qian quickly hung up.

It was extremely awkward!