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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 243 - 243 Unintentional Gentleness Was the Most Attractive

243 Unintentional Gentleness Was the Most Attractive

Fu Sinian had just arrived at the hotel in Bin City.

Chen Song booked a place in the hotel restaurant and the two of them were eating.


His phone suddenly rang. He picked it up, glanced at it, and put it down.

It rang until the last ring, but no one answered.

Shi Qian turned off the phone screen.

Perhaps Young Master Fu was still busy.

It was still early, and she wasn’t sleepy. She took out her computer and began recording.

She recorded for nearly two hours, compiled ten audio clips, and sent them out.

Fu Sinian came out of the bathroom after showering. The phone screen lit up again.

When he saw that it was an audio message from Shi Qian, his brows furrowed.

Did she just record this today?

He clicked on one and a seductive voice entered his ears.

His expression softened involuntarily.

Unconsciously, he listened for three minutes before stopping.

He scrolled down. There were actually as many as ten!

Ten minutes per post. Just recording these would take at least two hours!

Did this woman think she was made of iron!

Fu Sinian was angry, but this anger belonged to the kind that he couldn’t resolve by sulking with himself.

He transferred the money anyway.

Shi Qian also showered and prepared to sleep.

Her phone received a notification.

Her lips curved involuntarily as she watched the balance change.

That was the healing feeling of making money.

It was 10:30 p.m.

Usually, this time was when Fu Sinian returned.

She looked out the window. The courtyard was calm. There was no movement at all.

Wasn’t Fu Sinian coming back today?

She couldn’t help but call Fu Sinian again.

Fu Sinian’s phone rang. Chen Song was reporting to him.

Hearing his phone ring, Chen Song stopped. This was President Fu’s private number. He could tell.

Fu Sinian listened to the phone and felt frustrated. He pressed silent.

But his attention was still on the phone screen.

Shi Qian kept waiting. She thought Fu Sinian still wouldn’t answer, but the call went through.”

“Young Master Fu, aren’t you coming back today?”

“I’m on a business trip.”

“Business trip? You’re not in the capital?” Shi Qian was surprised.

“I told Grandpa last night when you were asleep so I didn’t tell you,” Fu Sinian replied softly.

A strange feeling flashed across Shi Qian’s heart.

He was on a business trip. There was no need to tell her.

“Then is it convenient for you to talk on the phone now?” Shi Qian asked again.

“I’m in a meeting,” Fu Sinian said and glanced at Chen Song.

Chen Song’s mind went blank.

What was the meaning of President Fu’s gaze? He really couldn’t understand!

But he didn’t dare not respond.

His mind was really spinning at full throttle. He had finally figured out a little.

“President Fu, this is the progress of the project. Please take a look.” He deliberately raised his voice, making sure that the person on the phone could hear him clearly.

When Shi Qian heard the voice on the phone, she said quickly, “I won’t disturb you anymore. Go ahead.”

“Have you taken your medicine?” Fu Sinian suddenly asked.

Shi Qian froze.

The words of concern warmed her heart. She was extremely uncomfortable with this feeling. She was flustered and at a loss.

“I did,” she replied dryly.

“Do you feel better?” Fu Sinian asked again.

“Much better.”

“Rest early,” Fu Sinian instructed.

“Oh, okay.”

The line went dead.

Shi Qian sat there for a long time.