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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 222 - 222 Big Boss Fu Can't Sleep

222 Big Boss Fu Can’t Sleep

Madam Qin choked. “Okay, I understand.”

Even if she could not replace Shi Qian, she would not let her off!


Throughout the weekend, Shi Qian locked herself in the study and busied herself.

By the end of the weekend, she sent the recorded clips.

Fu Sinian had just come out of the shower when his phone beeped.

He picked it up and his expression froze.

She had barely left the study for the past two days. Was this what she was recording?

Shi Qian pushed open the door and walked in. When she saw that Fu Sinian was only wrapped in a towel, she immediately turned around.

“Young Master Fu, I’m sorry. I’ll come in later.” She quickly left and closed the door.

Fu Sinian’s heart was full.

He finally understood what Shi Qian meant.

She had always wanted a divorce. The thought had never wavered.

Shi Qian went to the room again. Fu Sinian had changed into his pajamas.

He turned, took a blanket from the cabinet, and threw it to the floor.

“Old Master hasn’t been so suspicious recently. Sleep on the ground.”

“Okay!” Shi Qian nodded immediately.

Fu Sinian’s heart sank again!

She was so happy sleeping on the ground?! It was as if she couldn’t wait to sleep on the ground!

Fu Sinian turned off the room’s main light and lay on the bed.

Shi Qian went quietly to get her pajamas, took a shower, and returned to her room. She turned off all the lights and lay on the ground.

Sleeping on the ground was more comfortable. It was much easier.

After a long day and knowing she had to wake up early tomorrow, she quickly fell asleep.

Fu Sinian listened to Shi Qian’s light and even breathing and sat up in bed.

This damn woman. Was she a pig?

She could fall asleep once she laid down!

After taking a few deep breaths, he laid down again!

In a few seconds, he sat up again!

He couldn’t sleep!

He was so hot and bothered that he couldn’t sleep!

Shi Qian was up at six the next morning. She tiptoed to the bathroom, changed her clothes, and quietly left the room.

Fu Sinian woke up half an hour later. The room was empty except for him.

The blanket on the floor was also put away and neatly folded in the cabinet.

He headed for the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Cold water spilled over his head to take the heat out of him.

Fu Sinian shook his head and wiped the water from his face.

He slowly looked down.

Perhaps he was just short of a woman.

It didn’t necessarily have to be Shi Qian.

It was only eight-thirty when Shi Qian arrived at the recording studio.

“Young Madam, call me when you’re almost done so I can pick you up early.”

“Okay, thank you, Uncle An.”

“You’re too kind, Young Madam.” Jin An waved at Shi Qian and drove away.

Shi Qian looked up at the office building.

The recording studio was on the third floor of the building. It didn’t open until nine. She went in first and waited on the third floor.

At around eight-fifty, a few figures stepped out of the elevator and walked over. A young man with a work pass squatted down and opened the door.

Shi Qian hurriedly went forward to greet them. “Hello, my name is Shi Qian. I’m here to record the dubbing today.”

“Shi Qian?” one of the oldest-looking men spoke.

“Oh, here’s my ID.” Shi Qian quickly took it out.

She showed him an ID card and a dubbing actor certificate.

The man took it and glanced at it. He handed the ID back to Shi Qian and waved his hand. “Come in first.”

“Thank you.” Shi Qian nodded and thanked him. She followed the men and was the last to enter.

As soon as the men entered, they got busy.

She turned on the computer and adjusted the machine. No one spoke.

Shi Qian could not help but feel nervous.

This was the first time she had entered such a professional recording studio. Was the atmosphere of work so serious?