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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 189 - 189 Recognize Your Identity and Realize Your Status

189 Recognize Your Identity and Realize Your Status

Fu Sinian kept a cold face and said nothing.

Shi Qian looked at Jiang Feng again. “Jiang Feng, why didn’t you stop him?”


Jiang Feng was speechless.

He really did not expect Young Master Fu to get out of the car personally!

He was really stunned!

Fu Sinian looked down at Shi Qian and couldn’t help but wonder if she was concerned about him.

“Young Master Fu, don’t do such a dangerous thing next time! You’re such a noble person. If you accidentally fall in the middle of the road, not only will you be injured, but it’ll be so embarrassing!” Shi Qian said to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian didn’t argue.

She definitely cared about him. There was no mistaking it.

He also felt that he had acted too impulsively.



He actually impulsively walked across the road for Shi Qian!

Impulse had never had anything to do with him!

Even when he had some psychological problems and couldn’t let go of those fluffy things, he didn’t feel such an urge!

Could it be because Shi Qian was human?

That was why it affected him so much?

What Shi Qian was more worried about was that Fu Sinian would be recognized after he fell!

What a sensation that would be!

The legendary human ceiling, Boss Fu, fell miserably outside the school gate of the Chinese Drama Academy! This matter would definitely cause a huge earthquake in the news and media world!

At that time, her relationship with Fu Sinian would be exposed! Even if she divorced Fu Sinian, her life would be severely affected!

Although she was disgusted, her hands didn’t stop moving. She continued to massage Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian’s gaze studied Shi Qian.

Her clothes were mostly wet, the white fabric barely visible.

His eyes immediately darkened.

That boyfriend saw her like this just now!?

In the morning, he was the one who told her to wear this dress!

No, that male classmate not only saw it, but he also hugged her!

Fu Sinian secretly clenched his hands.

He suddenly realized that Shi Qian and that boyfriend were dating. Not to mention hugging, it was normal for them to be more intimate!

Fu Sinian forced himself to calm down.

What Shi Qian did with others had nothing to do with him!

Shi Qian was a spiritual comfort to him. She was an addictive poison!

He didn’t allow himself to let it go any longer.

His condition would definitely return to normal. He no longer needed anything to stabilize his emotions!

In the near future, he didn’t need anything soft, let alone Shi Qian.

“No need to massage it,” he said to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian stopped what she was doing and sat back up

Jiang Feng started the car.

“Why did you tell him I was your uncle just now?” Fu Sinian’s voice suddenly sounded.

Shi Qian also felt that her brain was playing tricks on her.

“Am I that old?” Fu Sinian asked again.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Fu. I really couldn’t remember how to introduce you at that time. I also wanted to say that you’re my brother, but I just said two days ago that Jiang Feng is my cousin. I can’t say that you’re my brother. I really blurted it out without thinking. I hope you don’t mind.” Shi Qian’s attitude was very sincere.

With Fu Sinian’s temperament, it was a little hard to believe that he was her cousin. It was just right to say that he was her uncle!

However, Shi Qian dared not tell the truth.

Fu Sinian knew about Shi Qian’s grandfather and her old master’s past.

If Shi Qian’s grandfather was willing to stay in the capital, the relationship between the two families should be very good. The Fu family would also take good care of the Lin family.

Fu Sinian didn’t seem to mind the way she addressed him as her uncle so much.