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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 178 - Just Like This, How Can You Not Cultivate Feelings!

Chapter 178: Just Like This, How Can You Not Cultivate Feelings!

The old master didn’t answer. He pulled the door open and walked out.

When he arrived at Fu Sinian’s door, he didn’t go in directly. After all, Qian Qian was also inside.


He knocked once.


There was no reaction from the room!

The old master hurriedly pushed open the door and saw Fu Sinian lying on the ground in a sorry state!

“Sinian! What’s wrong?” The old master hurried forward.

“It’s okay, don’t make a fuss! It’s just a fall.” Fu Sinian held the old master’s hand and wanted to get up himself.

He tried a few times but couldn’t stand up.

The old master wanted to help him, but he was old and powerless.

“Where’s Qian Qian?” The old master looked into the room and did not see Shi Qian.

Fu Sinian didn’t answer. He was still trying to stand.

“Don’t move first! Your legs haven’t recovered yet. Why are you showing off!” The old master let go of Fu Sinian’s hand and walked out.

“Qian Qian! Qian Qian!”

Hearing the old master’s call, Shi Qian immediately ran out of the study.

“What’s wrong, Grandpa?”

“Quick, Sinian fell. Grandpa can’t help him. Help,” the old master said anxiously.

Shi Qian immediately followed him into the room.

She realized that Fu Sinian had fallen to the ground in a sorry state.

“Young Master Fu, how do you feel now? Can you use a little more strength?” Shi Qian asked softly.

“I can’t.” Fu Sinian shook his head.

“Then don’t get up in a hurry. Rest for a while.” Shi Qian reached for his leg.

She realized that his leg muscles were in a very soft state, unlike the last time he had spasmed.

Perhaps he had just fallen and had not forced himself much.

“Let me massage you first to relax your muscles?” Shi Qian was asking for Fu Sinian’s opinion.

She wouldn’t touch him if he didn’t want to.

“Yes,” Fu Si replied in a young voice.

Shi Qian held his leg and gently massaged it.

The old master stood by and watched. It felt warm.

Wasn’t it good for the two of them to get along like this?

A man and a woman alone in a room with a bed. How could they not develop feelings for each other!

Suddenly, the old master’s gaze froze.

There was actually a blanket on the ground. The blanket was neatly made and there was even a pillow!

Did these two not sleep in the same bed?

One of them slept on the floor!

There was no need to guess. Qian Qian must have slept on the ground!

The old master felt terrible!

Fu Sinian noticed the change in the old master’s expression and affection flashed in his eyes.

This discovery made the old master extremely worried!

He glared at Fu Sinian.

This kid must have driven Qian Qian to the ground to sleep!

His hand holding the walking stick was trembling. He really wanted to hit Fu Sinian!

“Go to sleep, Grandpa,” Fu Sinian suddenly said. “Shi Qian takes care of me. Don’t worry.”

Old Master: Why would I worry about you!

Shi Qian also turned around and looked at the old master. “Grandpa, go to sleep. I’ll take care of Young Master Fu.”

The old master clenched his back teeth and nodded.

He turned and walked out.

Only Shi Qian and Fu Sinian were left in the room.

Shi Qian was still massaging Fu Sinian’s legs.

“Young Master Fu, do you feel better?”

“Much better.”

“Then let me help you and try to stand, okay?”


Shi Qian raised her hand and placed it on Fu Sinian’s arm.

Fu Sinian used her strength to slowly stand.

As soon as he stood, his legs went weak.

Shi Qian hurriedly used all her strength to support his body.

Fu Sinian reached up and put his arm around her shoulders, using her as a brace.