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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 176 - She Wants to Stomp Shi Qian to Death!

Chapter 176: She Wants to Stomp Shi Qian to Death!

“Someone deliberately stopped Shi Qian during a live broadcast to gain some traffic. I didn’t expect Shi Qian to face the camera under such circumstances! After clarifying that she didn’t push you, someone recorded a video and posted it online. Now, many people support Shi Qian.”

“What?” Sun Feifei sat up agitatedly and quickly took her phone.


She flipped through it for a long time. The more she read, the angrier she became.

Especially when Shi Qian said confidently that there was nothing to be jealous of.

It was like a knife stabbing into her heart.

Some netizens really did as Shi Qian said and went to understand Shi Qian.

They found out that Shi Qian had entered the Chinese Drama Academy as the second place in the art examination. She was actually a good-looking top student!

Not only that, but Shi Qian’s dubbing work was also dug out.

They were edited into short videos and quickly spread on various platforms.

Someone had been looking for Shi Qian’s social media account, but what they found were all fakes.

There were even people who created many fake accounts to gain popularity!

These unwilling netizens continued to dig and made another shocking discovery.

The BGM at the tea ceremony that had been popular online these past two days was also dubbed by Shi Qian!

Sun Feifei quickly followed the netizens’ instructions and searched for the [Beached Whale] account.

His fans had already reached nearly three million!

She had only gained more than a million fans with the program “Heavenly Feast”. Moreover, it had taken half a year!

Recently, her fans had started to slowly rise again.

However, it was only 2.5 million!

It was still more than 400,000 less than Shi Qian!

“Where’s public relations? What about operations? How could things become like this. Hurry up and fix it!”

“Feifei, I think we should leave this matter at that. Although Shi Qian has gained fans and nothing has happened as we expected, you’ve benefited,” the agent advised softly.

“What do you mean by this matter ends here? Shi Qian even gained more fans because of this matter than me. Are you trying to support her or me?” Sun Feifei questioned loudly.

The agent was angry.

Still, he held back.

He continued to persuade her. “You’re a newcomer. The resources the company invests in you are limited. Unless your value keeps rising, the company will never add to it! The cost of public relations and operations is not a small sum. It’s not wise for you to insist on suppressing someone who hasn’t entered the circle yet.”

Sun Feifei refused to listen.

“My fans are all fighting for me! I don’t believe that with my current popularity, I can’t suppress Shi Qian, who hasn’t even entered the circle!”

Sun Feifei was afraid that Shi Qian would enter this circle.

She had planned this to trample Shi Qian to death!

That was because she had received news that in addition to the three most popular permanent guests, the second episode of Heavenly Feast would also recruit nine new members to participate in the recording of the show!

She went to apply too.

In the end, the production team rejected it.

Rumor had it that the program planner intended to find Shi Qian to film the second episode!

She thought that if Shi Qian was criticized by the entire Internet, the production team would give up on Shi Qian and choose someone else in order not to affect the effect of the show!

“How much does public relations and operations need? I’ll pay for it!” Sun Feifei was determined to mess with Shi Qian. She could not give up halfway.

“Feifei, your career is just starting to take flight. Don’t ruin a good hand!”

“I’m just clearing obstacles for myself!” Sun Feifei still insisted.