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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 169 - Encountering Internet Hate

Chapter 169: Encountering Internet Hate

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Shi Qian found it strange.

Why did Sun Feifei’s words sound strange?

Why was “Heavenly Feast” suddenly involved?


“Feifei, are you really not going to hold her responsible?” the agent asked again.

“I won’t pursue it.” Sun Feifei nodded.

“Then let’s go back. We have to prepare for the interview tomorrow.”

“Teacher Ouyang, I’ll go back first.”

“Sun Feifei, you’re still a student after all. You still have to focus on your studies. It’s almost the end of the semester. Take some time to revise,” Teacher Ouyang reminded her.

“I will. Thank you for reminding me, Teacher Ouyang.”

As soon as Sun Feifei left, Shi Qian explained to Teacher Ouyang.

“Teacher Ouyang, I really didn’t push her.”

“It would be easier if you could produce evidence, but there’s no surveillance data from the cafeteria now. Do you think you can find witnesses? With so many classmates, their testimonies had no value as long as they didn’t agree.”

Shi Qian understood.

She said nothing more.

“Shi Qian, let’s let this matter go.” Teacher Ouyang patted Shi Qian’s shoulder.

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

“I’ll investigate those people. If I find out they’re from our school, I’ll warn them.”

“Thank you, Teacher Ouyang.” Shi Qian thanked him sincerely.

“Calm down. When there’s news from Director Zheng, we’ll enter the recording studio.”

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

After walking out of Teacher Ouyang’s office, Shi Qian was still trying to figure out this matter.

Sun Feifei had clearly faked her fall and falsely accused her.

How could she dare to take the initiative to retrieve the surveillance cameras?

Sun Feifei definitely didn’t dare to look at the surveillance cameras!

Could it be that Sun Feifei knew that the surveillance cameras were broken?

Then did Sun Feifei deliberately hurt herself just to hear her apologize?

She hoped that this matter would pass like what Teacher Ouyang had said.

However, in less than an hour, the news of Sun Feifei’s injury reached the hot searches.

[Sun Feifei was pushed down by her Chinese Drama classmate in the dining hall and injured her forehead. I wonder if her injuries will affect the filming of the new drama.]

When she opened the trending topic, it was a photo of Sun Feifei lying on the floor of the dining hall with Shi Qian still on top of her.

There were also photos of Sun Feifei going to the infirmary to treat her injuries.

The comments below were all Sun Feifei’s fans.

[Is Feifei okay? My heart aches for her! She looked so badly injured in the photo. The report didn’t make it clear. Why did that classmate push Feifei?]

[Take my Fei away! My heart is in pain!]

[I heard that Feifei angered this classmate because of injustice and was pushed and injured. I heard this news from a friend at the Chinese Drama Academy. She was in the dining hall and witnessed it with her own eyes.]

[Is what the person above said true? That’s true. That female student’s behavior is really bad! She must be severely punished.]

[She must be jealous of Feifei! This has already risen to the crime of intentional injury, right?]

[Everyone, did anyone find out who pushed Feifei? Post it and let everyone know so that they can boycott her in the future and avenge Feifei!]

[We have to boycott her. She must have evil intentions. She’s also in the Chinese film industry. She’ll probably enter the entertainment industry in the future!]

[I have to sue! I’m so angry! This is blatant jealousy!]

Very soon, someone dug up Shi Qian’ information.