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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 166 - Circular Scheme

Chapter 166: Circular Scheme

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Shi Qian was shocked.

“Junior, don’t be afraid. Brother Hao called us over. He told us to protect you. You’re his girlfriend!”

“I’m not Qin Hao’s girlfriend. I have nothing to do with him! This is a classroom and a place to study. Please leave!” Shi Qian said angrily.


“Can the person Brother Hao likes run away? Even if you aren’t his today, you might be tomorrow!”

“Yes, don’t be afraid, Junior. We won’t affect your studies. Come, sit down!” Someone pulled a chair for Shi Qian.

Someone wiped the table again.

The few of them did not do anything overboard, but they surrounded Shi Qian like a plaster that could not be shaken off!

After class, Shi Qian walked out.

The men immediately followed.

Shi Qian walked straight to the female toilet.

Suddenly, these people pulled the girls who had walked into the toilet aside.

“What are you doing?” the girl shouted angrily.

“Let Junior Shi Qian go first. All of you, wait outside!” One of them said to the girls who were blocked outside.

As soon as she said this, all the girls immediately turned to look at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian kicked the man who stopped them. “Get lost!”

She kicked the men aside.

The girls walked in angrily.

“So she’s Shi Qian? I’m speechless! Is she hoping that the entire Chinese Drama Academy knows that she has a rich man?”

“I’ve never been so disgusted by anyone!”

“She’s capable. Qin Hao even confessed his love in a high profile manner on campus and caused quite a stir in school! I wonder how much it affected our school’s atmosphere!”

Shi Qian had not left. She heard everything these people were discussing.

She looked over at the strange classmates surrounding her. She picked up her phone and turned on her camera.

“If you harass me again, I’ll sue you!”

“How are we harassing you? We just want to befriend Junior Shi Qian.”

“Yes. Make normal friends. Get to know each other.”

“Then tell me which department and class you are from and what your name is!” Shi Qian questioned angrily.

The men looked at each other without answering.

The leader gave a look and they left together.

Shi Qian put down her phone and felt angry.

What was Qin Hao trying to do?

She really couldn’t guess.

At noon, Shi Qian came to the school’s dining hall and prepared to eat something.

As soon as she sat down with her meal, a few people surrounded her.

Those who had been sitting near her were driven to their feet.

“You’re so ugly, yet you still have the cheek to sit with our Junior Shi Qian. Where did your courage come from!” The leader said to a girl.

The girl was trembling with anger as she carried her plate to another spot.

“Hello, everyone! Let me introduce you to the most beautiful little fairy in the world, Shi Qian!”

“Shi Qian, Shi Qian! Goddess, goddess!” The rest of the crowd joined in.

Everyone in the dining hall looked in this direction.

Shi Qian felt full of malice!

She picked up the bowl of soup and splashed it at them!

“Go away!”

The men backed away from the soup.

“Even a great beauty like Shi Qian looks so good when she loses her temper!”

“Don’t be angry, gorgeous. We’re leaving now. Take your time.”

With that, the men hurried away.

Shi Qian stood alone, watched by everyone.