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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 165 - Taking Revenge on Her!

Chapter 165: Taking Revenge on Her!

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“Fu family? Which Fu family?” Qin Hao asked.

“How many Fu families can there be in the capital?” Su Ruoqing asked.

Qin Hao was stunned.


The Fu family’s recent movements had caused a considerable commotion in the capital.

Fu Sinian, who had been silent all this while, suddenly returned and regained control of the Fu Corporation!

Those who had a cooperative relationship with the Fu family had been having a hard time recently. Fortunately, the Fu family was not involved in entertainment or movies. Otherwise, the Qin family would have been affected.

Even if they had more guts, they would not dare to provoke the Fu family!

“Is Shi Qian related to the Fu family?” Qin Hao asked tentatively.

He knew that Su Ruoqing was using him, but he still knew his limits!

He could not send the entire Qin family into the tiger’s mouth just because he wanted to please Su Ruoqing.

Su Ruoqing sensed Qin Hao’s fear and smiled. “What has Shi Qian got to do with the Fu family? The person who hit you is her cousin. He’s Fu Sinian’s subordinate.”

“I see.” Qin Hao was relieved to hear this.

“If you really can’t take it lying down, can’t you just find Shi Qian for compensation? You’re an old hand at romance. I don’t have to teach you how to do it, right?”

After saying that, Su Ruoqing picked up her bag and left.

Qin Hao touched his painful cheek and felt furious.

He would remember this beating because of Shi Qian!

So what if her cousin was Fu Sinian’s subordinate? He was at most a fighter!

… .

The next day, Shi Qian came to school.

She felt as if everyone who came and went was staring at her. Some of them were talking softly.

She kept walking.

Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her.

“She’s Shi Qian. The dress she’s wearing is a new luxury design. Many celebrities are still queuing up to book it!”

“No way! It’s not fake, is it?”

“It can’t be fake! Fakes can’t come out that fast.”

“How much is this set she’s wearing?”

“At least three hundred thousand, from top to bottom.”

“Wow! That’s expensive! It looks like she’s really hooked up with a rich man.”

Shi Qian listened to the discussion and quickened her pace.

Actually, she didn’t even know what brands or prices she was wearing.

Other than some of the things she chose in Cloud City and knew the price, she didn’t know anything else.

Was this outfit really that expensive?

It actually cost three hundred thousand!

She had even specially picked out an ordinary design from the wardrobe.

It had actually been recognized.

“Then what’s going on with her and Qin Hao?”

“Didn’t you hear the rumors? Qin Hao might have been played by Shi Qian. Such a rich second-generation heir has fallen into Shi Qian’s hands. It’s obvious how extraordinary she is.”

Shi Qian was walking when a group of people gathered in front of her.

There was a banner hung between two trees. There were balloons tied around the trees. Under the banner was a big red heart arranged with 999 roses.

Seeing that Shi Qian was here, the people around immediately dispersed.

Only then did Shi Qian see the words on the banner.

Shi Qian, I love you!

It was signed off below.

Qin Hao!

These things were arranged by Qin Hao?

Was he crazy?

How could he not give up after being beaten like that?

“She’s Shi Qian!” someone said.

Shi Qian immediately changed directions.

She felt that no matter where she went, people were staring at her!

She felt that Qin Hao was definitely not pursuing her, but taking revenge on her!

When she arrived at the classroom, Shi Qian had just put down her bag.

A few people immediately surrounded her!