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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 164 - I Just Want to Destroy Her

Chapter 164: I Just Want to Destroy Her

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Everyone in the conference room was collectively shocked again.

Among the people present, some had watched Fu Sinian grow up, and some had been in the company for more than ten years, five years, three years, and a few months.

In their impression, they had never seen President Fu smile!


They were actually lucky enough to see President Fu smile today!

Even if that smile was like a flash in the pan, they had seen it for themselves!

Fu Sinian texted back.

[]: Wait a moment.

Then, he transferred five thousand yuan over.

[Beached Whale]: Roger that. {Thank you, Boss emoji.}

He finally saw an emoticon.

However, why was the style so different?

Why did she use this emoji??

Shi Qian accepted the money and immediately busied herself with something else.

Many people who had added her on WeChat also sent messages. They were basically dubbing jobs.

Shi Qian made notes on the computer one by one.

Even if she wanted to make money, she couldn’t take on all the missions. After all, time was limited. Besides, she was a human being, not a machine.

Therefore, she tried to choose some that would train her and help her development in the future.

Moreover, in order to increase her fans smoothly, she had to film some videos and post them.

This was the best way to make use of her popularity this time.

… .

At the hospital.

Qin Hao had just finished treating the injuries on his face.

After the beating, he couldn’t afford to lose face, so he didn’t make a scene.

His face was bandaged. One side of his face was so swollen that he couldn’t open his eyes.

The examination showed damage to the tibia complex.

He had never suffered so much in his life!

Su Ruoqing looked at Qin Hao with disdain.

“I told you to arrive twenty minutes earlier. Why are you late?” Su Ruoqing asked Qin Hao.

“Does this twenty minutes matter?” Qin Hao’s mouth was also swollen as he asked.

Twenty minutes earlier, Fu Sinian was still on the way.

Qin Hao had long taken Shi Qian away!

Su Ruoqing felt a strong sense of danger when she thought about Fu Sinian picking Shi Qian up every day.

She wasn’t completely confident that she could conquer Fu Sinian.

He could not let Shi Qian get to him first.

“President Su, did Shi Qian offend you?” Although Qin Hao was a scumbag, he was not stupid.

He had investigated Shi Qian’s background before.

Even if Shi Qian was the daughter of that Lin Shiming in Cloud City, she had long been chased out of the house.

How did she provoke Su Ruoqing?

Su Ruoqing’s identity was not simple. Even the Internet giants in the country were polite to her. There were countless assets under her name.

The Qin family had relied on others to get close to Su Ruoqing.

Su Ruoqing suddenly found him and asked him to pester Shi Qian. He felt that something was amiss.

“I just want to destroy her, that’s all,” Su Ruoqing replied casually.

There was no viciousness in her face. Instead, she smiled, looking gentle and harmless.

Qin Hao felt that he was also hurt.

If he slept with Shi Qian, wasn’t it equivalent to destroying Shi Qian?

Then what good could he be in Su Ruoqing’s eyes?

“She deserves it for offending President Su. This woman doesn’t know how to appreciate favors!” Qin Hao didn’t dare to offend Su Ruoqing.

Su Ruoqing held 47% of the Qin Family’s shares.

As long as Su Ruoqing was unhappy, the Qin family would be finished.

“President Su, don’t worry. I won’t let Shi Qian off. After I find the person who hit me today and vent my anger, I’ll go find Shi Qian immediately!”

“You don’t have to investigate the person who hit you. He has some connections with the Fu family. I just want to end this matter quickly. You just have to do as I ask. Don’t complicate things.”