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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 130 - Looking At You, I Have No Appetite

Chapter 130: Looking At You, I Have No Appetite

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“You put salt in it?” Fu Sinian put down his spoon and looked at Shi Qian with a dark expression.

“I put a little in. You can’t even eat salt? I thought that the porridge had no taste, so I added a little to mix it,” Shi Qian explained softly.

She also knew that the porridge tasted nothing!


“Do you eat porridge like this?” he asked solemnly.

“No, my mother says porridge is the least nutritious and it hurts the stomach so I never eat it.”

Fu Sinian choked.

He looked at Shi Qian. Shouldn’t she still ask him to eat with her?

She was alone and had four dishes!

Could she finish them?

Shi Qian stood up and picked up the bowl in front of him. “Young Master Fu, there’s still porridge in the pot. I didn’t put anything in it. I’ll fill another bowl for you.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

Shi Qian walked to the kitchen and refilled Fu Sinian’s bowl.

Fortunately, she knew Fu Sinian was difficult to serve and she didn’t put salt in the pot.

A bowl of porridge was placed in front of Fu Sinian again.

Fu Sinian felt sick.

“Are you so reluctant to put rice in the porridge? It’s so thin. You call it porridge?”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Why was he so demanding over a bowl of porridge?!

She stood up and poured out the porridge into the bowl of porridge in front of Fu Sinian. She also scooped two spoonfuls of rice into the pot.

Soon, a bowl of thick porridge was served to Fu Sinian again.

Fu Sinian looked even more uncomfortable.

“Young Master Fu, is this okay?” Shi Qian asked very kindly.

Fu Sinian picked up his spoon and took a bite.

It was bland and tasteless.

Shi Qian could finally sit down and enjoy her dinner.

She ate the spinach first, then a mouthful of meat, tofu, and lettuce.

It smelled so good!

She didn’t eat any staple food at night. There were a lot of these dishes, but she could finish them.

Fu Sinian had yet to finish his bowl of porridge when Shi Qian finished four dishes.

This woman affected his appetite too much!

He put down his spoon and looked at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian was speechless.

What was wrong with him now?

“Young Master Fu, you should eat more. Humans need food for strength. You’ll be hungry if you don’t eat.”

“I really don’t have much of an appetite looking at you.” With that, Fu Sinian turned and left.

Shi Qian gritted her teeth in anger!

As if she wanted to see him so badly!

She would not let herself suffer because she hated someone!

Everyone knew who would be hungry during this long night!

When Shi Qian finished cleaning up the kitchen, the sky was so dark that she couldn’t see her fingers. She wanted to walk in the courtyard, but as soon as she walked out, she retreated.

Although there were lights, she was still afraid!

In those few steps, she ran into the house as if something was desperately chasing her and closed the door.

She rubbed her arm. At that moment, her hair stood on end!

It was such a big house. What should she and Fu Sinian do?

Besides, Fu Sinian lived on the first floor, and she lived on the second.

She glanced up at the second floor.

The second floor was dark. She didn’t even have the courage to walk up.

She immediately turned on the television and sat in the living room.

Fu Sinian was working when he heard a commotion outside. His brows furrowed.

Shi Qian was nestled in a corner of the sofa, a pillow in her arms. She was focused on the television.

Just as she was watching the television excitedly, the television screen suddenly went out!

Fu Sinian turned the television off for her.

“Too noisy!” he said coldly.

Shi Qian immediately walked toward him and snatched the remote. “I’ll mute the sound. I won’t disturb you.”

With that, she turned on the television.

Fu Sinian turned and left.

“Young Master Fu!” Shi Qian suddenly called out to him.