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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 123 - Serve Me Tea, Call Me Mom

Chapter 123: Serve Me Tea, Call Me Mom

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Shi Qian looked at the small blanket covering Fu Sinian. The visual effect was no less intense than a muscular man wearing a ballet dress.

The point was, it was pink!

Seriously, why would her mother cover Fu Sinian with such a blanket?


From what she knew of him, he was definitely furious. He just couldn’t flare up.

“Mom, there’s no need. This blanket won’t do anything to keep his lap warm.” Shi Qian picked up the blanket.

Fu Sinian immediately felt strange.

He couldn’t help but feel nervous. The hair on the back of his hand stood up.

He tried to suppress the discomfort, not wanting anyone to see anything amiss.

Shi Qiuran snatched the blanket and covered Fu Sinian’s legs again.

A soft touch stroked the back of his hand, instantly soothing his tense emotions.

“Qian Qian, although Sinian is awake now and hasn’t recovered, you have to learn to take care of people, understand?” Shi Qiuran said in a lecturing tone.

Shi Qian really could not say anything.

Her mother looked as if she was certain that Fu Sinian was her new son-in-law. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything about her divorce from Fu Sinian.

Besides, her mother was not well. If she said it, it would worry her and it would not help her recovery.

“Did you hear what Mom said?” Seeing that Shi Qian did not react for a long time, Shi Qiuran asked again.

“I hear you.” Shi Qian nodded helplessly.

Fu Sinian had completely stabilized her emotions. Looking at Shi Qian’s tamed appearance, he felt that he had finally vented his anger!

The old master and his mother were completely biased.

Shi Qian’s mother was on his side!

Shi Qiuran seemed to have thought of something again and stood up to walk away.

Shi Qian glanced at Fu Sinian, unable to guess his emotions at this moment.

She felt that he must be holding it in very hard!

It seemed that with Fu Sinian around today, she wouldn’t be able to talk to her mother properly about what Song Yan had suggested.

“Mom, Young Master Fu and I will go back first.” Shi Qian told Shi Qiuran.

“Wait, wait!” Shi Qiuran rushed over.

She had a red packet and a brocade bag in her hand.

“Sinian, it’s our first time meeting. Mom doesn’t have any gifts for you, so I’ll give you a red packet according to our Cloud City custom.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Really, she stayed in a rented apartment with three bedrooms and one living room.

Fu Sinian glanced at Shi Qian. Just her almost twisted expression made him feel inexplicably comfortable.

He reached out to take the red packet, but Shi Qiuran raised her hand and took it back.

“You can only take it if you serve me tea and call me Mom,” Shi Qiuran said with a smile.

Shi Qian’s expression was twisted.

“Mom! The Imperial Capital doesn’t do this.” Shi Qian quickly pushed Shi Qiuran.

She only found out today that her mother really knew how to get her way!

“Why are you so insensible! I didn’t prepare anything. Do you have to embarrass me? How did Old Master Fu and Sinian’s mother treat you? What’s wrong with me giving Sinian a red packet?” Shi Qiuran pushed Shi Qian away angrily.

So be it!

Why can’t he drink tea and call her Mom!

Shi Qian wanted to disappear on the spot.

She was already prepared for Fu Sinian to lift the pink blanket on his lap and start the wheelchair to turn around and leave.

Fu Sinian picked up the tea that Shi Qiuran had yet to drink and handed it to her.

“Mom, drink tea.”