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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 41 - World’s Number One Troll

Chapter 41: World’s Number One Troll

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Tong Hua’s legs were propped on the sofa while he was playing the King of Glory.

“Dumb Arthur, go up the road! Are you able to lead us down there? Behave and go back up the road to fight them.”

“Diao Chan is fighting with the opposite team’s Diao Chan alone on the middle road. Such a high-order achievement, how did you manage to achieve it?”

“Did you see? I am fighting Di Renjie alone.”

“Call me Daddy!”

Tong Hua was playing and shooting down his teammates at the same time.

A loud and deep Dong Bei man’s voice rang from the game.

“Damn, are you a primary school kid? Your voice is so childish.”

Tong Hua shot back. “Primary school kid? I am only in nursery. The whole team killed 15 people. I myself killed 13 of them and even helped to capacitate two heads. Are your brains fully matured? You guys can’t even compare to a nursery kid. Embarrassed? You are still mumbling nonsense in front of a nursery kid. You are such a disgrace to our nation’s pride.”

His teammates were speechless.

This nursery kid was scary.

He did not even take a breath when scolding.

He was really the nation’s number one troll.

Shen Qianshu grinded her teeth. “Tong Hua!”

“Mommy, you can’t blame me. Such useless teammates, I really can’t control.”

His teammates exclaimed, “What the, he really is a primary school kid!”

“I already said I’m in nursery! I’m not so old!”

Shen Qianshu was speechless.

What the… I can’t believe this.

If a primary school kid is old, am I considered a granny?

Lin Xiaojuan laughed while rocking back and forth. Baby Tong Hua carried his useless teammates throughout the game and even won in the end.

Ye Ling heard Tong Hua scolding his teammates, and the corners of his mouth curved up devilishly.


As Shen Qianshu had already eaten dinner, they prepared a simple meal of two dishes and a soup. Lin Xiaojuan and Tong Hua ate, and at the same time, Xiaojuan talked about his schedule the next day. Shen Qianshu accompanied them to eat.

“Xiaojuan, don’t arrange Tong Hua’s schedule to be so packed. He still needs time to study.”

“It’s ok, I am already at a high school student’s standard. I don’t need to learn the things taught in school.”

“Even so, you also need to cultivate some interests and hobbies.”

“I already have interests: I love mommy and I love to act.” Tong Hua smiled happily.

Lin Xiaojuan laughed and said, “You don’t need to worry about Tong Hua. He will always read books in between his breaks when filming.”

“Baby, you are so smart!”

Tong Hua smiled sweetly. He was indeed smart.

Shen Qianshu propped her chin and looked at Tong Hua proudly. He was her greatest pride in this whole life. Even though he was not her own son, she still treated him like one. If Tong Hua’s parents were still alive, how proud would they be?

Lin Xiaojuan said, “Oh yes, Tong Hua has a small runway show next week. I want to ask for your opinion on this.”

“What runway show?”

“Dream Star, Shen Lin’s jewelry show, needs a few child stars,” Lin Xiaojuan said. “Our company accepted.”

“I am not going.” Tong Hua picked up a piece of pork rib and placed it in Shen Qianshu’s bowl.

After thinking, Lin Xiaojuan said, “Shen Lin is Dream Star’s top designer and is also known as a genius designer. Her show is always the jewelry and fashion industries’ most anticipated event. Tong Hua hasn’t ventured into this industry yet, so I want to take this as a chance to help pave his way into the fashion industry.”

Shen Qianshu quietly lowered her head, unsure what to think.

Tong Hua exclaimed, “Genius designer? She is just a thief! How is she worthy!”

Shen Qianshu patted Tong Hua on the head, not sure whether to laugh or cry. Lin Xiaojuan was puzzled. “What are the both of you talking about?”

“Nothing, you can decide on this.”

“Tong Hua?”

“No way!” Tong Hua’s expression was cold. “Such an unworthy show, how can you let me take part? It will be such an insult!”