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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 35 - I Only Want Your Child

Chapter 35: I Only Want Your Child

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Inside the washroom, Shen Qianshu continuously splashed her face with cold water and breathed heavily. Looking in the mirror, she saw the image of a woman in great pain and slowly closed her eyes.

Shen Qianshu, you have nothing to do with Master anymore.

He is a devil.

Some things, although chosen to be let go and have no hatred, also were never chosen to be forgiven.

She hated Ye Ling a lot. It was during the period of time when her child died. She almost went insane, hating every single thing including Ye Ling and herself. She spent a whole two years to heal herself, and after adopting Tong Hua, her condition then improved. However, that did not mean that she was willing to see Ye Ling again.

She only hoped to… end all relations with Ye Ling.

Some feelings were only opened up for her to heal in the late nights. She had never revealed them to anyone.

After washing her face and cleaning herself up, Shen Qianshu changed into her home clothes.

Ye Ling was standing in the living room and looking at the photo wall.

The photo wall was filled mostly with pictures of her and Tong Hua, some of her and Lin Xiaojuan, and some of Tong Hua and Lin Xiaojuan.

Shen Qianshu glanced away and went into the kitchen to prepare a meal. Tong Hua was out filming today. The fridge was always well stocked with various ingredients because she would always go grocery shopping to replenish it. Thinking back, Tong Hua and Ye Ling had really similar taste buds.

Ye Ling’s favourite sweet and sour pork ribs was also Tong Hua’s favourite.

Shen Qianshu was busy in the kitchen while Ye Ling was inspecting the house. A house with over 170 square feet of space including four rooms, two living rooms, and two toilets, was very spacious. One side of the wall in the living room was turned into a removable bookshelf and was filled with many books.

There were books on topics such as travel photography, literature, science, and modern novels. The bulk of them were on psychology, jewelry designing, and appraisal books. There were also a few parenting books and children’s storybooks. The classification was really mixed, especially those on psychology. Most of them were original copies: some in English and some in French.

“You learnt jewelry design when you were in the Paris College of Art.”


“Why did you become a jewelry appraiser instead of a jewelry designer?” The many jewelry collection books on her bookshelf fully showed her love for it.

Shen Qianshu froze.

After a moment, she gave him a smile.

“Any jobs regarding jewelry, I love them. I love jewelry appraisal too.”

Her tone was extremely sincere.

Shen Qianshu was reminded of Gubelin accepting AG’s appraisal, and she hesitated slightly.

“Master, why did AG Jewelry ask for Gubelin to carry out appraisal?” Shen Qianshu asked nervously, immediately regretting her question. What if Master said that it was because of her? How awkward would that be? But what if it was her own wishful thinking? That would be even more awkward.

Clearly… they did not have any common topics between them.

They could only find random topics to talk about.

Shen Qianshu only felt like screaming out loud.

“After AG’s opening of the international market two years ago, high-end jewelry became highly sought after in Europe. Not all of AG’s jewelry needs getting Gubelin’s certificate, going through personal customisation, and becoming limited edition items. Only a few rare pieces need Gubelin’s certificate,” Ye Ling said calmly. “Gubelin’s certificate is a double-edged sword; the price of jewels of lower quality will naturally be lowered. If the purity is high enough, Gubelin will also not be able to pick any faults. Europe’s high-end jewelry market is fighting for Gubelin’s certificate this year.”

Shen Qianshu’s face turned hot, thinking to herself. It was really her wishful thinking. How was it possible that Master did it for her?? Ahhh.

Right after thinking like that, Ye Ling proceeded to confirm her charms.

“Of course, choosing Gubelin was partly because of you too.” Ye Ling looked at her coldly. “I want a little princess, and this is my sincerity.”

“Master, if you want a daughter, there are many women out there that are willing to hop into your bed and even willing to give birth for free.”

Do a good deed, and spare me, big brother!

“I only want your child!” Ye Ling furiously said.