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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 33 - Let’s Discuss About Having a Princess

Chapter 33: Let’s Discuss About Having a Princess

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Shen Qianshu did a whole day of tests and was really tired. After opening her room door, she suddenly smelled a strong tobacco smell. Shen Qianshu became alert immediately, and borrowing the dim moonlight, she saw a shadow seated on the sofa, facing her diagonally and with a cigarette in his hands. Shen Qianshu was scared and nervously took out a feather duster from the shoe cabinet while using her other hand to turn on the light. The man on the sofa turned and coldly stared at her.

Cold and handsome.

A conceited and ruthless face.

“Master?” Shen Qianshu realized how amusing she must have looked and immediately threw away her “weapon.”

“Why did you come in?” she asked.

She turned and looked at the lock, and there were no traces of damage.

“Just simply an anti-theft door won’t be able to stop me.”

“Master, thanks for reminding. I will change it to one with double protection.”

Ye Ling put out his cigarette, and the whole room stank of tobacco. Shen Qianshu went to open the balcony window for better air circulation, and Ye Ling frowned when he saw a pair of underwear hanging in the balcony. It was obviously a male’s, and Ye Ling’s face immediately became sinister. He stared sharply at Shen Qianshu, shooting daggers at her.

“You are cohabiting with a man?” He stared darkly in the direction of the balcony.

“Cohabiting?” Shen Qianshu was baffled. “I didn’t!”

Following his gaze, Shen Qianshu saw the underwear and male clothes on the balcony. Her face turned red, and she badly wished for a hole to swallow her up. She explained, embarrassed, “I always stay alone, and Tong Hua is still small. Hanging a few pieces of male clothing can help to prevent theft.”

If there was a male staying at home, thieves would normally be more fearful.

Ye Ling’s expression softened. “Shen Qianshu, if I find out that you are in a complicated relationship with any man, I will break your legs!”

Shen Qianshu looked down at her long legs. “Whoever I want to interact with is my own business. Why are you so nosy?”

“You can always try me!”

Shen Qianshu shivered. This man broke into my house and is still threatening me. What is this sorcery!

Do you think you are the emperor?

If it weren’t because of your illness, I would have chased you out long ago.

But what if I anger him, and his second personality comes out?

This is night time, ah.

He would transform, ah.

Luther repeatedly warned me not to stay overnight in the castle that year. He would transform into a vampire every night!

“Master? You…” She wanted to ask Ye Ling which personality he was now, but after looking at his expression, she would be seeking for death if she were to ask. Shen Qianshu cleverly shut her mouth.

Master would transform at night.

She… better hide than ask for trouble.

She did not need to experience the nightmare seven years ago again.

“Master, what can I do for you?” Shen Qianshu changed to a safer topic so as to not agitate Ye Ling.

However, who knew, she chose the most dangerous topic.

Ye Ling stood up, and with his 1.88 meters height, he was taller than Shen Qianshu by a whole 20 centimeters. She needed to tilt her head slightly to be able to look at him in the eyes. Ye Ling’s deep and powerful amber eyes were especially gorgeous in the dark, and she did not dare to look at him.

Just as she averted her gaze, Ye Ling hugged her waist with one hand and pressed onto her shoulder with the other, shoving her against the wall.

Wall kiss!

Ye Ling grabbed her chin, forcing Shen Qianshu to look at him.

“I want a little princess!”

“…” Shen Qianshu eyes were laced with fear. “Master, don’t be agitated… Please…”

Don’t transform!

Ye Ling went berserk. “Shen Qianshu, what do you mean?”

“I don’t… mean anything?”