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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 32 - Old Master Ye’s Goddess

Chapter 32: Old Master Ye’s Goddess

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Yifan, you conscienceless person. I am your real blood-related auntie. Whose side are you on?” Ye Feifei yelled angrily. “Seems like your dad is really about to climb out of his coffin seeing how you can even bear to give the family property to an outsider.”

“So what if I am an illegitimate child?” Ye Ling’s eyes swept sharply towards Ye Feifei in a condescending manner. “If you have what it takes, kick me out of the house. If you can’t, then shut your filthy mouth!”

Ye Ling was a junior member of the family. Yet, when Ye Feifei and Ye Bao saw his gaze, they shuddered.

The old lady said, “Enough. What are all of you squabbling about?”

“Mum, are you going to sit and watch an illegitimate child climb up the ladder and take over the things that belong to the Ye Family?”

“Bro, let me go. Even if dad were about to climb out of the coffin, I still want to tear up his filthy mouth.” Ye Yifan rolled up his sleeves, preparing for a fight.

Ye Ling pulled him by the collar, throwing him onto the sofa. “Sit down!” he said strictly.

The old lady pondered, hesitated a little, and said, “Ye Ling, the financial group has holdings for the two companies AG Jewelry and Films. Hand them over to your aunt and uncle to manage. Give them some stocks too, but the two of you are not to touch the other industries. Deal?”

“Mum, then give us all the stocks for these two companies,” Ye Feifei said.

After all, the old lady loved her son and daughter. She looked at Ye Ling.

“No. I do not agree,” Ye Ling said.

The old lady seemed slightly unhappy but hid it well quickly.

“The two of you can have the Lingyun Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.” Ye Ling added on.

“Ye Ling, don’t go too far. It’s difficult to manage that industry. Earnings aren’t high. Are you treating us as beggars?”

“Yeah, you guys are beggars.” Ye Ling’s patience was running out. “Take it or leave it!”

“Alright, it’s decided for now. Please leave, I would like to speak to Ye Ling.”

Ye Bao and Ye Feifei had no choice but to leave.

The old lady said, “Ye Ling, you have been in Europe these past few years. You constantly appear then disappear. Even granny can’t control you. Now that you are back, stop meddling with the matters in Europe. Build a steady foundation here. Also, we have to settle your marriage with the Lu Family.”

Ye Yifan gloated as he stared at Ye Ling. Ye Ling furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Whoever promised them the wedding will marry. I have never promised anything.”

“Rascal, I’ve personally agreed to the marriage. Are you going to make an old lady like me marry the little granddaughter of the Lu Family?” The old lady snapped. “The Lu Family has helped us a lot. Tingjun and Yifan are deeply involved in the family business in Europe. How could an old lady like me manage AG?”

“That’s none of my business!” Ye Ling laughed coldly.

Ye Yifan said, “Granny, my brother has been talking about his little princess for so many years. Will Miss Lu want to be a stepmom?”

“What little princess or whatever that is? It’s just an illegitimate daughter.” The old lady paused. The Ye brothers could hear the indifference in her tone. She totally disregarded the little princess.

“Even if there’s no little princess, brother already has a goddess.”


“It’s the genius jewelry designer from Dream Star, Shen…”

“Shut up!” The expression in Ye Ling’s eyes were cold. Ye Yifan shuddered. He was most afraid of his brother raging, yet his brother was indeed a temperamental person who was short-tempered. Ye Yifan brushed his fingers over his lips, making a gesture that showed that he would shut up.

“I don’t care about that nonsense. The person who marries the first grandson of the Ye Family has to be a perfect match. Do you hear me?” The old lady responded.

In a domineering tone and condescending manner, Ye Ling said, “My wife is not sleeping with you! Don’t you worry about that!”

The old lady was infuriated, and she was on the verge of getting a heart attack.

He strode out with Ye Yifan, who chased after behind him smilingly and said, “Bro, I heard that you found your little princess. Is she pretty? Is she cute? What’s her name?”

“She’s dead!” Ye Ling thought about it and continued. “But we have another one.”

Ye Yifan was speechless.

Bro, what are you talking about? Where’s the logic?