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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 257 - Sister Shu, You Are So Educated.

Chapter 257: Sister Shu, You Are So Educated.

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chen Wanwan gestured in a suggestive manner. “Oh dear, little brother you are so boring. How can they do anything about how we set out prices? We settle things privately, get it? Pri-vate-ly. Come on, repeat after me.”

Li Huan could not find the right words to say. He looked confused. Meanwhile, Li Le was pretty happy, and she was smiling brightly. BG’s design fee bonus was one-twentieth of the profit. The bonus may not seem high, but the bonus from 10 million was 500,000. This was just from a single business, not including basic salary yet. Comparing this to their days at Spring Court Fair, this was way more than what they earned painstakingly in one year.

Although they were not always so lucky as to receive such huge orders, she was very grateful for Shen Qianshu. Furthermore, there were the Li Sibling’s names on the accessories. They were special, and it made them feel proud and good. It felt as if they were having a bright future ahead of themselves, and it was as if they were glowing.

Chen Wanwan said, “Since Gu Xie insulted Yan Jianming, I was feeling anxious. It turned out that the moment I made him pay 80% of the deposit and told him that we had begun work yesterday, he agreed without hesitation on the spot since Lu Mengyun was there.”

“Beautiful,” Shen Qianshu said as if there were multiple meanings. “He would have to bid goodbye to his wealthy lifestyle soon.”

Chen Wanwan may not be pleased with her customers, but she would never refuse money. She did not care about what kind of people Yan Jianming and Lu Mengyun were. “Recently, we made some deals. Li Huan and Li Le’s style is really great and unconventional, but some people like it while some do not. When will the other designers be done considering?”

“That’s simple,” Shen Qianshu said. “Le Le, go over to Central Square later and get yourself some nice clothes. Get some accessories and a handbag. Make yourself look like some nouveau riche and then go over and flaunt your wealth to Jingyi. Then, we can get them quicker.”

“I don’t want to,” Li Le said straightforwardly. “If they come over, wouldn’t my brother and I earn less then?”

“…” Li Huan was stunned.

Is it really necessary for you to be as honest as a robot?

Chen Wanwan felt a little awkward. Shen Qianshu said, “We can’t just have you and your brother as our designers in the company. When more orders come in, our business will be very busy, and that is how we can maintain our business. The most important thing in business is to be able to constantly move forward. Rather than looking for established and famous designers who may come over and look down on you, isn’t it better if everyone started from the bottom and compete fairly?”

“Sister Shu, you are so educated. How logical, I’ll go now.”

Everyone was speechless…

Chen Wanwan looked at the highly efficient lady. “Shu, she’s just sucking up to you! Why didn’t she praise me? I’m the one who settles the orders.”

“Sister Wanwan, you’re the smartest.”

Shen Qianshu spent her entire afternoon at BG. Chen Wanwan and she discussed a training program that they planned to commence after Zhang Jingyi and Lin Sen came over. They would then give them a test. Since they wanted the company to do well, they had to formalize everything.

At three in the afternoon, Ah Da came over to look for her, and Shen Qianshu left BG. Before she arrived, she had contacted Ah Da, and he came over with a pile of documents for Qianshu. “Miss Shen, I’ve done some investigations into Yan Jianming’s social circle. I’ve confirmed that he had never crossed paths with Gu Xie. I have also tracked Gu Xie’s whereabouts in the last two years, and he had been staying very low profile. Other than acting, he’s traveling. He never has bad blood with anyone. I can’t find any commonalities between the two.”

Shen Qianshu pondered. “Ah Da, you’ve seen what happened online too. It does not seem like they don’t have any bad blood. It’s fine if you can’t find anything about it, but can we use the resources of AG entertainment?”

“Of course.”