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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 21 - Tong Hua Is Not Your Son

Chapter 21: Tong Hua Is Not Your Son

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“It’s okay, Mummy’s here. Don’t be afraid.”

Ye Ling and Zhong Ran were speechless.

Zhong Ran recalled his first encounter with Little Master when he beat up three buff men and found a whole new meaning to the word ‘fear.’

The father and son could not get along.

“His body is weak, and he’s scared easily.” Shen Qianshu lied through her teeth.

With a ‘yeah, do begin your act’ look on Ye Ling’s face, he looked at Shen Qianshu. At the moment, Shen Qianshu could not go on. Zhong Ran was pacing about in an anxious state. Master, you’ve been talking about a ‘little princess’ for seven years, can you restrain yourself or something?

He wished he could be Ye Ling’s spokesperson and start an emotional acknowledgment of the father and son.

You can’t be so vicious just because your ‘little princess’ turned out to be a little prince.

Wishing she had wings to fly away with Tong Hua, Shen Qianshu held Tong Hua’s hand. “Ye Ling, thanks for saving Tong Hua. We are leaving. See you again, don’t miss us too much.”

“Stay there!” In Ye Ling’s eyes, a storm was brewing. He was like a lion who was enraged, sticking out his sharp claws. The atmosphere was intense, and Zhong Ran could feel his rage. His Master was temperamental, vicious, and merciless. He was a devil who could dictate life and death.

The pair of soft and vulnerable mother and son would definitely not be able to handle his fiery temper.

Shen Qianshu brought Tong Hua back in a protective way, defending her son.

“You leave!” Ye Ling said and then pointed at Tong Hua. “He stays!”

Shen Qianshu smiled at the raging Ye Ling. Even a man of iron would soften from her bright smile. “Impossible.”

“He’s my son.”

“No!” Shen Qianshu said firmly as she stared at Ye Ling. “Ye Ling, take a good look at Tong Hua. Which part of him resembles you?”

Ye Ling looked over Tong Hua carefully, and Tong Hua cooperated by looking up smilingly at Ye Ling. Ye Ling’s face was very defined while Tong Hua’s was delicate and cute. There was not a bit of similarity.

“Ye Ling, our child only breathed for ten minutes in this world.” Shen Qianshu was covered in a layer of sadness. Those moments of despair were dug out from her memory like a hole filled with blood.

“She died.” She continued.

Ye Ling felt as if he were struck by lightning!

Everyone was shocked.

Shen Qianshu took a deep breath, tilted her head, and seemed playfully innocent. She said, “Ye Ling, you looked for me simply for your child. Your child is dead, so now we have no reason to be associated with one another. See you never again.”

Ye Ling stared helplessly as Shen Qianshu left with Tong Hua.

These few years he had put himself in much danger all because he was thinking of his little princess.

He had not carried his little princess in his arms.

She can’t be dead!

“Master?” Zhong Ran looked at him worryingly.

Ye Ling’s face was so dark it seemed like he wanted to destroy the entire world to make them funerary objects for his little princess.

Zhong Ran told Ye Ling everything that Tong Hua previously did. Ye Ling’s rage instantly calmed, and he said, “He’s only seven years old, yet he’s so vicious. He’s definitely my child. Investigate.”

Zhong Ran was tired. Master, you sure know yourself well.


Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua lived in a bustling district which was very close to Tong Hua’s school. It was a school district house in an upscale neighborhood. Shen Qianshu bought this house a year ago for the sake of safety.

The mother and son’s financial circumstances had always not been very great.

Speaking materialistically, she never deprived Tong Hua of anything.

When Tong Hua got famous, film earnings rose. Earnings from endorsements and advertisements rose a lot too. It was only then when the mother and son’s lives improved. Previously, they lived in a small neighborhood where there were constantly people invading their privacy and reporters hanging around. Thus, when she got the chance, Shen Qianshu decided to sacrifice some of the hard-earned money and buy this house.