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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 18 - Same Old Game

Chapter 18: Same Old Game

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Ling gave her a frosty smile. Not knowing which of Shen Qianshu’s words triggered him, his face darkened and the recent events cast a darkness across before them. “Shen Qianshu, if anything happens to my little princess, I will kill you!”

How cold and cruel!

He looked at the expression in Shen Qianshu’s eyes and could see the objection in her eyes.

Shen Qianshu suddenly looked behind Ye Ling, expressionlessly. “Master, your daughter is here!”

Ye Ling turned around hurriedly to see his little princess. A mischievous smile crossed Shen Qianshu’s face and without further thought, she lifted herself out of the water, grabbed onto Ye Ling’s leg and pulled him roughly towards the pool. When Ye Ling turned around in anticipation of seeing his daughter, it caught him off guard. PLOP! He fell sideways into the pool.

“HAHAHA!” Shen Qianshu burst out laughing, having caught him out for once.

In all of Ye Ling’s life, it was rare to see him in a state that was any less than perfect. His short hair was sopping wet and water was dripping off the end of his strands of hair, forming unfortunate clumps. His charming and fierce-looking face was extremely intimidating. He glowered at Shen Qianshu, gnashing his teeth like a furious lion.

After causing mischief, Shen Qianshu took one glance at Ye Ling’s expression and came to her senses.

“We’re even now, even…” Shen Qianshu floated towards the ladder, wanting to get out, but a firm hand grabbed onto her ankle. The skin beneath the water felt smooth and cold. Her skirt was lifted by the water, revealing a pair of long legs that were fair and slender.

Ye Ling’s gazed at her hungrily, his eyes dark and dangerous, Shen Qianshu followed the direction of his stare and hurriedly pushed her skirt down. She blushed when it floated back up persistently, no matter how much she tried to push it back down.

“Pervert, what are you looking at?”

Ye Ling returned to his senses and laughed coldly, pulling her towards himself again suddenly and pressing her against the corner of the pool. Ye Ling’s thin white shirt was drenched in water, sticking onto his chest and taking the shape of his attractive muscles that could make one’s heart race wildly. It was such a turn-on and she fought to calm her hammering heart.

Shen Qianshu found herself trapped awkwardly between his chest and the pool, having nowhere to escape. She looked up to see a pair of cold eyes, deep and dark.

“Other than me, who else has seen it?” His voice became dark and dangerous and Shen Qianshu felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise up. The cool water from the pool was insufficient to cover up the heat coming from his body, it was almost burning her up.

He would not tolerate any other person touching anything that belonged to him, even if he did not want them anymore!

“How is that your problem?” Shen Qianshu answered with a tinge of grievance, biting back her inner thoughts. Nice of you to remember that incident when you went insane . “It happened years ago, who are you to ask me about it? It has nothing to do with you.”

He grabbed Shen Qianshu and lifted her up, while trapping her against the cold tiles of the pool’s edge. Shen Qianshu screamed when he pushed her against the wall, his body grinding against hers in a similar fashion. An overwhelming sensation of burning heat mixed with the coolness of the sea of water surrounded them and she pushed back against him uselessly.

Ye Ling lowered his head, his fingers holding onto her chin and pressed his hot lips against hers, kissing her hard.

Shen Qianshu suddenly recalled the incident from seven years ago, that one catastrophic experience.

That one eventful night, she would remember it forever. The sky pitch black, dark and ominous with the foreboding backdrop of lightning and thunder.

That feeling of melancholy had always stuck with her. It had already been seven years, yet it followed her around like a tenacious shadow that would not let go.

Her fear of him ran deep, forever etched in her memory.

The hurt she had felt, the pain and the humiliation were embedded just as deeply, the feelings rising up in reminder from the depths she had thought were no longer present.

In his arms, her body shivered lightly. She felt extremely vulnerable and couldn’t hold back the fear that crept into her core, shaking her to the bones.

“You’re still so sensitive.”

“Ye Ling, let me go.”

Shen Qianshu opened her mouth then he realized that her shallow breaths sounded like she was starting to hyperventilate. He was startled and looked down. In Ye Ling’s amber eyes, a storm was brewing. Shen Qianshu cursed inwardly.

Ye Ling looked deeply into her eyes, “Shen Qianshu. I’ve been looking for you for a really, really long time.”

“What for? Was the harm you caused back then not enough?”

Her breath hitched as she let out a forgotten breath. On her collarbone, a deep scar remained from his vicious bite and she slid her fingers over it unconsciously. Ye Ling’s gaze turned dark when he saw it. Gaping redness that had faded into a dull mottled brown, embedded forever into her skin.

She belonged to him.

Yet for all these years, she had been around and dated many men.

“Say it. Other than me, who else have you allowed to see it?” He put his finger on her puffy red lips, brushed against it lightly, then he moved down her face and stopped at her collarbone.