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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 160 - Overwhelmingly Good Looks

Chapter 160: Overwhelmingly Good Looks

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“What are you saying?” Ye Ling turned his head suddenly, looking as if he could chop off Zhong Ran’s head in the next second.


With my overwhelmingly good looks, who dares to despise me?

Zhong Ran decided to bite the bullet and look into the beast’s eyes. The truth seldom sounded pleasant, so he went ahead and said, “Master, you worked OT yesterday and slept in the office. You worked the entirety of today as well, so your clothes are wrinkled, and your hair is in a mess. Why don’t we go home, take a shower, put on some nice clothes, and then visit Miss Shen?”

“Are you crazy? Why would a man need to look so good?” Ye Ling walked out in fury.

Ah Da and a few others followed him. Along the way, he looked mightily as if he was out to kill.

Being insulted as a crazy person by someone who was really crazy made Zhong Ran feel extremely wronged. He hurried and followed him, beginning to tell him the unpleasant truths again. “Master, Li Zhiyuan is a popular and handsome young lad. If he is trying to attract Miss Shen so painstakingly, he is definitely dressed like a beautiful butterfly. I just watched the news, and it said that he picked her up on a bright yellow, attention-seeking race car. They really look good.”

Ye Ling paused and glared at Zhong Ran. His frosty eyes were filled with rage. Frost and fire intertwined.

Ah Da and the men in black remained silent.

If you wish to die, I’m not going with you. This was what they had learned from their work experience.

Zhong Ran prayed inwardly.

I just want Master to go home and take a bath, so we can divert his attention and cool him down. Why is this so hard? With this terrible temper, he’s going to kill someone or set something on fire…

God, can I quit my job?

Ocean Underwater Restaurant.

This was the only restaurant opened by Ocean, and it was also the most popular themed restaurant in the entire City A. The restaurant was underwater, and the environment was pleasant and romantic. The restaurant was built in a unique way. Sitting in the restaurant allowed you to admire the colorful fish swimming freely in the water through the glass windows. By raising your head, you can see dolphins swimming on top of you. Occasionally, schools of beautiful fish would swim past, and it felt as if you were having a meal in the ocean. It was simply beautiful.

In this restaurant, one pax would spend about three thousand on average, and they only served VIP customers. People who spend a million dollars in their restaurant at one go would become their VIP customers. With this condition, many people refused to have their meals here. But even if so, the restaurant was always fully booked.

Shen Qianshu had once insulted this ‘rich-people restaurant.’

But the spendings for one person was very high, so it was reasonable that they only served VIP customers.

Firstly, it was costly to build the restaurant. Secondly, the rent for having a restaurant underwater was crazily high. Thirdly, there were so many wealthy people in the restaurant. If normal guests could be served, the restaurant may not be able to handle and attend to everyone’s needs.

Even when people had to spend a million dollars here, it was still fully occupied.

Tong Hua always yearned for having a meal in this restaurant. Lin Xiaojuan and Shen Qianshu had wanted to try their best to become VIP customers and bring Tong Hua for a meal, but they simply could not bear to. Even if Tong Hua earned a lot of money currently, Tong Hua himself could not bear to either. A million dollars could be saved up and spent on Mommy. Wasting it on food was just not worth it. So, Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua never came here once.

The environment and satisfaction gained from it were worth its price.

Shen Qianshu and Li Zhiyuan sat on the right side of the restaurant where there were the most fish. The fish were very eye-catching, and Shen Qianshu took some photos for Tong Hua.

Tong Hua: Mommy, you are attracting hatred. Baby is eating bento sets given from the production team.

Shen Qianshu: Poor baby, is the food nice?

Tong Hua: No. The director lied to me that I could get two chicken drumsticks, but in the end, I don’t see a single one.

Shen Qianshu: That’s… pretty sad.