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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 16 - Daddy, I Can’t Wait!

Chapter 16: Daddy, I Can’t Wait!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The little one was only just gentle and fragile like Lin Daiyu 1 , yet in the next second, he had turned into a vengeful little prince. The change was unnerving, the words that came out from his innocent mouth could make people tremble in fear. He squatted down and patted the stubbly face of the burly man who had pointed at him, then suggested sincerely, “In the future, if you want to be a kidnapper, don’t be so gentle with your captives. You’ll lose out in the end.”

The burly man grabbed the little devil by his leg, and tried all he could to drag him down to the floor, however, his weakened arms were kicked away by Little Cutie Pie.

“Uncles, don’t boast around so much, you should read more books instead.” He shook his head sweetly, “Life is like a play, everything depends on how you act…”

Little Cutie Pie stood up. Just as he was about to leave, the warehouse door was smashed to pieces, a few scraggly pieces of wood remained, swinging uselessly on the hinges. A group of men, dressed in identical black appeared in the small and narrow warehouse. They noticed the burly men twisted up on the ground, as Little Cutie Pie revealed a courteous smile and stared at them cheerfully.

Zhong Ran eyed the situation in the dilapidated room with the men rolling pathetically on the floor, and found it challenging to draw a logical explanation. His originally facetious attitude took a 180 degree turn and he bowed slightly towards the small child.

“Young Master, we are here to take you home.”

“Oh…” Little Cutie Pie’s voice was soft and you could hear the smile in his voice, “Then you guys are a little too late.”

Zhong Ran raged internally, cursing the boy in his head. Damn! He’s so young but already so savage. He’s definitely a product of Master.

But, where’s the supposed ‘little princess’?

Could it just be Master’s one-sided dream of having a ‘little princess’?

Little Cutie Pie turned, glanced at them and commanded, “Call 120.”

On the return trip, Little Cutie Pie sipped his yogurt with the elegance of a young prince, as he stared at Zhong Ran’s long hair. The style was unique. He wore his hair long and even dyed two strands a chestnut color. It would have been unpopular if he had substandard looks. However, with his looks, it made even this unpopular hairstyle seem fashionable and stylish.

“Young Master, how did you poison their food?”

Little Cutie Pie let go of the straw gently and answered, “In the drama series I acted in last year, that’s how I was poisoned to death.”

Zhong Ran was speechless.

Zhong Ran suddenly understood everything. He had been wondering how a seven-year old child could have such deep knowledge and scheming thoughts. How clever. Young Master was kidnapped but he really did not need anyone to save him. He could ‘carry’ the entire situation alone.

It’s amazing how genes seem to come out in the most subtle ways.

“Why are all of you calling me Young Master?” Little Cutie Pie asked curiously. After leaving the Shen home, no one had called him Young Master.

“It’s because you are our Young Master.”

“That sounds really cool.”

“We were ordered by your father to come and save you.” Zhong Ran tried with utmost sincerity to speak well so as to leave a good impression of Master. For the sake of his wages, he had to help Master appear great to Little Cutie Pie. Unexpectedly, Little Cutie Pie smiled sweetly at his words, “Wow, I can’t wait!”

Zhong Ran glanced around at the other men in the car.

Was he the only one who felt that Young Master did not sound like he was looking forward to meeting his father at all?

They all exchanged glances. You’re not alone!


Shen Qianshu looked at the extravagant chateau, feeling like she had traveled back in time to seven years ago.

It was an old chateau, built in a continental European style. Its carved walls and decorative elements gave her a familiar feeling, though she was certain she had not been here before.

In the garden of the chateau, there was an enormous pool. Ye Ling stood upright beside the pool, back rigid and his hands clasped tightly behind his back. The air was thick with tension and he exuded a frosty coolness, giving off a dangerous feeling that he was about to erupt. Shen Qianshu racked her brains to find a way to counteract, trying to figure out how to escape from his monstrous claws. There was nowhere to hide.

Ye Ling was a terrifying man. No one could be clearer than her, exactly how frightening he was. She forced herself to remain calm, though her insides were quivering and her heart was thumping hard against her chest.

“Your boyfriend kidnapped my daughter to blackmail you?” Ye Ling turned around suddenly and stared at her coldly. Shen Qianshu shuddered. Her pale fingers held tightly on the hem of her shirt and the awkwardness was hard to describe.

“My ex-boyfriend,” Shen Qianshu gave a small smile, emphasizing the first word. In front of him, she always felt incredibly vulnerable. “He owed debts from gambling and came up with that terrible idea. Ridiculous.”