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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 15 - Winning at Life, Little Cutie Pie

Chapter 15: Winning at Life, Little Cutie Pie

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Why are you dying?” the burly man said, “You said you had angina and need to drink Mao ginger tea. We didn’t even know what that was, and had to run around to several medicine shops before we could find it and boil it for you to drink. You won’t die of angina.”

“Oh…” Little Cutie Pie wiped his tears carefully, expression sincere and clear, looking completely innocent and pitiful. “I really won’t die?”

“You won’t.”

“You scared me!” Little Cutie Pie pulled out a tissue slowly, gently dabbing at his tears.

The burly man was at a loss. This child was well behaved, but he had many problems and behaved just like a baby. The Boss had instructed them to just lock him up, but not to abuse him. They were only looking for money, naturally, they didn’t want to abuse the child for no reason. However, no one expected the child to be so picky. He was mostly quiet and didn’t cause any trouble, but extremely difficult to please.

After all he was famous all over China and was aptly named ‘The son of the nation.’

After starring in a popular show the previous year, his fame had skyrocketed and he had since become the media’s darling.

They had seen Tong Hua on the television, but after meeting him in person, they realised that he was even more adorable and better looking in real life.

“My neighbour’s little girl loves you a lot, can I have your signature?”

Little Cutie Pie’s moist eyes were innocent and his eyebrows raised in genuine surprise. “Sure, sure!”

“Little boy, you’re really cute.”

“Uncle, you are a really nice person.” Little Cutie Pie smiled through his tears, treating the burly man as his friend.

You too, you too!

The burly man felt guilty, and his knees almost buckled.

This Little Master was just too cute and innocent.

Who would bear to hurt him.

“Uncle, I am really hungry. Can we eat beef hotpot?”

One hour later.

Three burly men and Little Cutie Pie surrounded a small, steaming hotpot inside the shabby warehouse. The atmosphere was lighthearted as they chowed down their food, the three men proudly discussing their past nefarious deeds and how much they would earn this time round.

The table was filled with many plates of beef and a few bottles of beer.

Little Cutie Pie expertly speared a piece of beef from the hotpot, eyeing the men stealthily before he took a piece of Mao ginger and placed it into the hotpot. The men were still boasting, slapping each others backs in gusto and nobody realised what Little Cutie Pie was doing. He broke out into a small smile, a hint of deviousness flashing through his guileless face.

The burly men started eating, filling their bowls with steaming food and guzzling down beer heartily.

Little Cutie Pie complimented them sincerely. “Uncle, you guys are so cute and innocent. I like you all a lot.”

As one of the men continued eating, he realised that the boy had stopped eating after finishing the beef in his bowl. The boy placed one of his hands on the table, supporting his jaw and beamed at them, eyes shining with radiance. With his legs were dangling softly above the ground, he looked really cute.

After being complimented by the boy, the burly men started laughing out loud.

“Why did you stop eating?”

“It’s poisoned!” Little Cutie Pie smiled cheerfully.

The burly men laughed out loud and Little Cutie Pie followed, laughing innocently. Less than 20 minutes later, one of the men suddenly pressed onto his stomach, his face twisted in pain. He fell out of the chair, clutched onto his stomach and collapsed on the floor, groaning. Just as one of the other men was about to check on him, all of a sudden, he felt a gnawing, agonising pain, eating at him from the inside and he also grabbed onto his stomach and fell to his knees. In less than a minute, all three of them were keeling on the ground, arms wrapped around their stomachs and crying in agony, their faces pale and cold sweat coming out in waves.

Little Cutie Pie jumped down from his seat happily, swinging his arms as he walked towards his bag, then brushed off the dust and carried it on his back.

One of the burly men realised that there really must have been poison in the food. His eyes bulged the size of golf balls and he pointed accusingly at Little Cutie Pie.

While he would occasionally cry for his mommy, the boy had been quiet and well behaved the entire time he had been kidnapped. His countenance was gentle and delicate, his face open and honest, with a smile that was forever innocent and cute. However, his actions had shown otherwise.

Little Cutie Pie cocked his little head thoughtfully, with the innocence of a lamb about to be sent to slaughter, “Uncle, I already said, there was poison. Children speak the truth, we don’t lie.”