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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 13 - Once in a Lifetime, My Tender Tyrant

Chapter 13: Once in a Lifetime, My Tender Tyrant

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Eight men all decked in immaculate suits stepped out from the outer SUVs, stiff bodies upright as they stood on the deserted road. The SUV in the middle made no movement at all, and nobody came out. Shen Qianshu’s could feel a strange hammering in her heart as it beat wildly with uneasiness. Her eyelids twitched, as if foreshadowing an unknown danger ahead.

Gold-chain man hopped off the car, swaggering aggressively towards the men and shouted, “Who are you guys to dare to block my road, scram!”

The eight uniformed men pulled out their guns in an orderly manner.

Not a sound was heard except deafening silence as the guns shifted their aim towards the offensive man.


What was hell was this situation?

A movie film?

Gold-chain man had gotten such a shock from the unexpected turn of events that his legs turned into jelly. He stumbled forward and fell to his knees, “I am only a loan shark, please spare my life big brothers!”


Shen Qianshu was speechless.

Gold-chain man, you are such a coward.

“Everybody get off the car.”

Everybody in the bread delivery van got off one after another, including Shen Qianshu. She felt a frosty gaze piercing through the tinted windscreen onto her face and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

There was complete silence.

The door of the SUV in the middle opened and Shen Qianshu’s mind went completely blank.


Everyone’s gaze was focused on the person who stepped out of the car.

The man was strikingly tall, with distinct features and a high brow bone, making his amber eyes deeper, giving off a feeling of desire. He was very good looking, having an aggressive kind of handsomeness that gave off an aura of sinful darkness and evil. He could easily pass off as a warrior from the ancient times, both strong and highly charismatic.

Everyone was too shocked by his entrance to make a sound.

He leaned slightly against the hood of the car and crossed his one long leg over the other in a confidently casual, but reserved manner. His amber eyes hardened and he settled on the face of Shen Qianshu, as if marking his prey. His attitude was like that of a god of war, doing as he pleased, arrogant and unyielding.

He pointed at Shen Qianshu and beckoned for her to come forward, as if calling for a beloved pet. His eyes on the other hand, hardened to steel shards they looked her up and down appraisingly.

“Come here!”

Shen Qianshu’s constant, unwavering smile was nowhere to be seen. She swallowed anxiously, and shuffled slowly towards him, badly wishing to grow a pair of wings so that she could escape faraway.

In this life, the one person she did not want to see again was Ye Ling.

It was not hatred!

She recalled that after being three months pregnant, Butler Luther came looking for her and asked her about her pregnancy. She felt like she was pushed to the brink of desperation. She did not know what this terrifying man would do to her and her child, there was still no explanation regarding that fateful night. She told a lie.

She told Butler Luther that she had aborted the child.

In order to deceive them, she forced herself to continue to attend school, working her normal shifts and letting herself get exhausted in the process.

When she was six months pregnant, it was also winter in Paris. She wore layers and layers of clothing, bundling herself up as much as possible. As she was also skinny, she did not look like she was pregnant. Butler Luther had never looked for her again. Soon after, Shen Qianshu immediately went back home to China.

“Little liar, if you don’t want to walk… Zhong Ran, break her legs and carry her here.” the man’s voice was deep and husky, a little dull, yet steady and patient.

A man with long hair was just about to speak when Shen Qianshu took a deep breath and walked over. She always knew when to yield and when to stand firm, she was a person with self-preservation.

“My legs are long and straight, they’re beautiful as they are. It would be a pity to break them.”

The man’s expression immediately turned dark, his amber eyes holding back a fiery storm. As Shen Qianshu was only footsteps away from him, he bent down swiftly, picking her up by her legs. She screamed when she felt her legs leave the ground and immediately flailed about, before he placed her abruptly onto the hood of the car.

Shen Qianshu’s long legs were pressed under his palm, her arms were wrapped around his neck. The closeness of their bodies and his familiar masculine scent still carried an overwhelming sense of aggressiveness. Just like in the past. Even after seven long years, she had been unable to forget. It drowned her in the mists of that one unforgettable memory.