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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

Chapter 1 - First Encounter

Chapter 1: First Encounter

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

An ancient castle stood magnificently in the middle of the forest, exuding an aura of grandeur and mystery.

Butler Luther’s gaze settled on the young lady before him.

Her face was fair and pleasantly oval. She had a bit of baby fat, a small nose and a delicate, cherry-lipped mouth. She gave a good feeling with her clear, glowing eyes that were extremely pretty. Her tenderness and brightness surfaced in a naturally pleasing blend. It could be said that she had the most perfect face from the Orient.

“Any experience with chaperoning?”


“Your main duty is to take care of Master’s daily living needs. Regardless of anything, you are to fulfill all of his demands. Furthermore, do not agitate him,” Mr. Luther said. His eyes were very sharp, as if they could pierce through Shen Qianshu’s skin.

“Oh…” Shen Qianshu replied, flustered.

“In the past ten days, I’ve changed twenty chaperons. Whether you are able to remain here will depend on your luck.”

Oh my… Ten days… Twenty chaperons… Is the owner of this castle a great devil, or just really hard to work for?

No wonder the pay is so high…

Butler Luther stared at the petite and pretty young woman, stating lightly, “There are a few things I have to emphasize. Master loves silence. Do not speak unnecessarily. Secondly, which is equally important, when you are attending to him, leave the castle before sundown.”

“Alright!” Shen Qianshu answered. For some strange reason, she felt a chill—a subtle current—run down her spine. She shuddered. In an instant, this grand and mysterious castle was shrouded in a layer of mystery.

Butler Luther led Shen Qianshu up to the second floor.

Barefooted, she stepped lightly on the purely hand-woven carpets, ensuring not a sound was made. Butler Luther pushed the door open. Like a curious child, Shen Qianshu was immediately drawn in by the extravagance in the room which was luxurious in its splendour, before her eyes locked onto a figure settled by the window.

Ye Ling sat on the sofa by the window. His white collared shirt was buttoned all the way to the top, coupled with a pair of long, black trousers. He exuded an aura that was both strict and cold. His face remained expressionless as Shen Qianshu moved tentatively towards him to greet him.

Instantly, she was stunned.

Damn! What a captivating face!

His facial features were striking, so perfect that they could have formed an artist’s most treasured portrait. His brow ridge was high, making his eyes appear deep. His amber eyes were rare, piercing like the most precious, sought-after shard of icy gemstone. Thin lips, high nose. His face could overthrow all of mankind.

“Master, this is the new chaperon, Sara. From today, she will be responsible for your daily life.” Luther spoke respectfully in his presence, his voice steady and level.

The man’s frosty gaze locked onto Shen Qianshu’s face for a moment. Like a frozen lake in the winter, they were deep and icy-cold and the temperature in the room dropped instantly. Shen Qianshu returned his penetrating gaze, took a deep breath and revealed a bright smile.

“Hello Master. I am Sara.”

Upon seeing the smile on her face, Luther was slightly shocked. This lady… She’s not afraid of Master?

There were very few people who can still afford a smile upon facing Master…

Hmm, this girl is not bad!

The man pressed a button on the sofa, turning it around so that his back faced them.

Shen Qianshu followed Luther downstairs.

“Butler Luther, is Master ill?”

Luther nodded slightly. Shen Qianshu pondered to herself silently… No wonder he looked so pale. It was as if he had never seen daylight. He gave off such a defeated feeling…

After Butler Luther had left, only Ye Ling and Shen Qianshu remained alone in the entire castle. Butler Luther had left her a comprehensive list describing the Master’s mealtimes and when he had to take his medicine, with times and quantities detailed clearly. Shen Qianshu finally understood why the chaperons Luther hired were all Asian.

Almost all the meals stated in the list were Chinese dishes.

In the kitchen, the fridge was filled with fresh ingredients and Shen Qianshu followed the recipes religiously to prepare the meal. Once she had finished cooking, she brought the meal upstairs to the second floor, pushing the arabesque door open. Ye Ling sat upon the sofa, his presence similar to a statue.

Shen Qianshu remembered Butler Luther’s earlier words. Do not speak unnecessarily.

She placed the meal down lightly with the medicine, then left quietly.

“Come back!” Just as she was about to leave the room, Ye Ling called out, his voice husky and sexy. Somewhat surprised, Shen Qianshu turned around as Ye Ling stared at her with his cold eyes, “No good, make another one!”

Shen Qianshu was speechless.

He had not even moved the chopsticks on the table — Had he already judged whether it’s good or not from its smell?

Sure, whatever. Good looking people are willful!


On her first attempt at making Ye Ling a meal, Shen Qianshu spent two hours. With him making her do it again from scratch for four times, she was on the verge of exploding.

For the money, I have to endure this!

On the fourth time, Ye Ling finally stopped finding fault with the food and ate it.

Shen Qianshu cursed furiously. It’s the same method and same taste. Why didn’t you say that it tasted bad? You’re hungry aren’t you!