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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A Whole New Shadow

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

‘Shadow’ was finally here. Feng Qing had been waiting for it all night. Upon hearing Cao Beining bid, Feng Qing casually added another bid. She never expected Cao Beining to immediately bid again, showing his determination to win. Feng Qing made a small stroke. She planned to play with Feng Jianing slowly and try to understand their mentality first.

Just as she was about to speak, Xie Qi suddenly leaned over and whispered to her, “Something happened to the Ninth Master. Mr. Ji hopes that you can go over as soon as possible!”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing naturally withdrew her playful thoughts and ended the battle quickly.

“Twenty million!” Feng Qing raised her card.

“Twenty million going once! Any more bids?” The auctioneer looked radiant. Every time this lady made a move today, she would win the auction item at a much higher price than the market price. His performance today was already off the charts, and his bonus was enough to buy a new car!

Hearing Feng Qing’s shout, Feng Jianing really couldn’t bear it anymore. Moreover, she definitely couldn’t let go of ‘Shadow’.

“Twenty five million!” Feng Jianing suddenly grabbed Cao Beining’s hand and raised the panel.

Cao Beining turned to look at Feng Jianing in shock. If they continued raising the price, they would exceed the budget.

“Beining, we must bid ‘Shadow’ at all costs!” Cao Beining and Feng Jianing knew the value of ‘Shadow’ very well. After pondering for a moment, he nodded.

“Fifty million.” Feng Qing straightforwardly increased the price again, and pushed the price to a height that the two could not reach.

Cao Beining stood up in shock. This price far exceeded the budget of both families. Did this Madam Xie have money but nowhere to spend it?

“Fifty million going once! Any more bids?”

The auctioneer looked back and forth between Cao Beining and Feng Jianing’s faces. He saw that the two of them were completely defeated and no longer as spirited as when they first entered.

That night, they were simply being repeatedly humiliated by the Ninth Master’s woman. The auctioneer really couldn’t understand why they didn’t leave after being humiliated so badly and instead sat there to participate in the auction.

“Fifty million twice, three times, deal!” Seeing that they no longer had the ability to raise the bid, the auctioneer simply sold ‘Shadow’ to Feng Qing.

Feng Jianing couldn’t help but stand up. She shouted at Feng Qing, “Madam Xie, please wait! The creator of this work, Feng Yiru, is my aunt. ‘Shadow’ is the last thing she left behind. My parents and my whole family want to bring it back as a memento. I hope you can give it up.”

In order to get ‘Shadow’, it could be said that Feng Jianing had lowered her stance very much. When had she ever suffered such anger in Jiangdu? But now, she had no choice but to do so.

However, no matter how humble and affectionate Feng Jianing acted, Feng Qing wouldn’t be moved. In her mind, she thought about her encounter with this aunt. The Feng family coveted Feng Yiru’s ability and wanted to take her things for themselves. However, Feng Yiru had her own beliefs. Every piece of her work was unique. She would only make one piece and would never industrialize it.

In order to steal her work, the Feng family almost killed her. Later… Now, the Feng family had their eyes on ‘Shadow’ again.

“Since you know it’s about giving up this loved item, then you shouldn’t have opened your mouth. I never do anything such as giving up on the things I love.” Feng Qing’s voice was soft but firm. There was also a hint of arrogance. She had been by Xie Jiuhan’s side for too long and had been influenced by him.

As Feng Jianing listened to Feng Qing’s voice, she felt even more hatred in her heart. She pinched her palm, and her eyes instantly turned red. Her tone was sorrowful as she said, “Madam Xie, my aunt doesn’t have a child. She doted on me since I was young. We have the blood of the Feng family flowing in our veins. When ‘Shadow’ appeared, I felt my aunt’s call. It also wanted to go home.”

“I beg of you, even if you give me a portion of it, I will fulfill my aunt’s wish to return home.”

Looking at Feng Jianing’s miserable appearance, the surrounding people couldn’t help but say, “It belongs to the Feng family after all. Give her some…”

“That’s right. I heard that Feng Yiru has never gotten married. I’m sure she treats her only niece as her own child. Their relationship is definitely incomparable.”

“I don’t feel good looking at her. The little girl is pitiful, and so is Feng Yiru…”

While everyone was discussing, Feng Jianing went straight to Feng Qing and even took out a sealed bottle.

Xie Qi looked at the woman in front of him and sneered. “I say, this lady has been talking for a long time, so in the end, this is what you wanted? Have you prepared everything? You’re prepared!”

Feng Jianing pretended not to hear anything. She looked at Feng Qing and continued, “Our Feng family really hoped that my youngest aunt’s last piece of work would be able to go home. Naturally, we made thorough preparations.”

“She doted on you since you were young and bled the same blood. Why didn’t she leave it to you directly when you were so close to her? Why did she give it to someone else?” Feng Qing leaned on the sofa and said in a lazy and sarcastic tone, “Do you know what is added in ‘Shadow’ to make it into a brand new version?”