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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Reason for Attacking

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The manager of the auction house received the order and waved his hand at Cao Beining and Feng Jianing in disdain, telling them to leave and not continue blocking the way. No one in the entire Capital was more important than the Ninth Master’s people!

Seeing this, Cao Beining did not hesitate at all. He pulled Feng Jianing and retreated directly outside the red carpet, watching as the group walked away.

“Jianing, what were you doing just now? You’re not like your usual self at all. There are countless big shots in the capital that you and I can’t afford to offend, especially at such an occasion. You have to be even more cautious. Our family in the Jiangdu is not bad, but compared to the aristocratic families in the Capital, it’s still a lot worse, especially the Xie family. Ninth Master… is the one you can’t offend the most! Otherwise, let alone the Capital, there won’t be a place for you in the entire world!”

Cao Beining reminded her in frustration. He was very dissatisfied. When they were in Jiangdu, he thought that Feng Jianing was suitable for him. Although the Feng family was a rising star, they were rich after all. Although the Cao family had some foundation, they were poor financially. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have married into the Feng family, a nouveau riche.

However, now that they were in the Capital, the center of the entire country, this kind of place where lots of talented people resided and there were too many people whose status and background couldn’t be offended. According to Feng Jianing’s rash character, who knew who she would offend?

It was not easy for him to squeeze into the Capital. He had some fame now. He definitely could not be ruined by a woman.

“Beining, I understand…” Feng Jianing endured the pain on her face and went forward to hold Cao Beining’s arm. She didn’t dare to look around. There were still some of her fans around. She couldn’t lose any more face.

She held onto Cao Beining tightly and showed the bruise on her face, feeling aggrieved. She deliberately wanted Cao Beining to see it and feel sorry for her because he had not even helped her up when the accident happened.

At that moment, Cao Beining’s heart was in a mess, but he still coaxed her. Following that, he pulled her away. If he continued staying, it would be really embarrassing!

It wasn’t until the auction started that Feng Jianing realized that the person who welcomed the Ninth Master’s wife wasn’t just the manager of the auction today, but also the president of the auction!

At this moment, Feng Qing and her bodyguards were sitting at the head of the first row. Xie Qi, the bodyguard, approached Feng Qing and said in a low voice, “Madam, Ninth Master has instructed that there is no limit for today’s spending. You can buy as much as you want!”

Xie Qi thought for a while and added, “You spent too little last time. When you went back, the Ninth Master was very unhappy and got angry at us. Can you spend more today?”

Feng Qing shook her head. “I only buy what I like. If I don’t like it, why would I buy it?”

“Don’t, Madam! If you don’t spend money, the next person you’ll see might not be Xie Qi but Xie Shiqi…” Xie Qi’s face was a little bitter. It was a little strange to see such a face on a big and burly man, but he had no choice. Xie Qi could only coax her. If Madam didn’t spend money, the Ninth Master would be unhappy and scold them for not doing their job well!

Just as Feng Qing was about to speak, the host went on stage and announced the start of the auction.

Behind her, Feng Jianing had been paying attention to the Ninth Master’s wife in the first row. Although she hadn’t seen her for three years, the more she looked at her, the more she felt that she looked like that little slut. However, no matter how she looked at it, the Ninth Master’s wife didn’t seem like a blind person!

One by one, the auction items were displayed and auctioned off. The Ninth Master’s wife didn’t make a move, and Feng Jianing’s attention was also attracted by the string of ruby bracelets displayed on the stage.

“…Natural rubies have a unique color, which gives the wearer a natural charm. At the same time, rubies symbolize vitality and victory. They are recognized as colorful gems with positive energy! As natural rubies are very rare, it is even rarer to synthesize them into accessories, which shows how precious they are…”

Feng Jianing couldn’t hear what the auctioneer was saying. She was completely attracted by the ruby bracelet. She turned to Cao Beining and tried her best to conceal her swollen face. “Beining, this ruby bracelet is really too beautiful…”

Cao Beining was held tightly by Feng Jianing, so he naturally understood what she meant. His eyes moved slightly. “You like it? Then I’ll buy it for you. No matter how rare a ruby is, it’s not as rare as my Jianing.”

The moment the auction began, Cao Beining did not hesitate to bid.

However, Feng Jianing didn’t know that after three years, although Feng Qing’s eyes still couldn’t see, her hearing was abnormally sensitive. She could even detect minute sounds that ordinary people couldn’t hear.

Feng Qing naturally heard everything Cao Beining and Feng Jianing said.

The reason why Feng Jianing couldn’t tolerate Feng Qing back then was largely because of Cao Beining! Feng Jianing and Cao Beining were childhood sweethearts and had always treated Cao Beining as her own. However, Feng Jianing had forgotten that even this name should have been Feng Qing’s!