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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 53 - Hit Him

Chapter 53: Hit Him

Feng Jianing was the last to leave. She wanted to hand over the music score she had written to the professor to let him polish it. She didn’t want to hear Li Shaoqun suspect her again, nor did she want to feel that she would lose to Feng Qing in composition.

After she got the old professor’s advice, Feng Jianing started writing the score again. When she threw the old score into the trash can, she suddenly saw a score with beautiful handwriting in the trash can.

Feng Jianing’s eyebrows twitched. She subconsciously picked up the score and looked at it. Her eyes instantly lit up. When there was no one around, she placed it in her pocket.

After school in the evening.

Feng Qing heard the rumbling of a heavy motorcycle behind her, followed by a familiar male voice. “You took the bus today?” Seeing that she was standing at the school gate and did not leave, Gu Qingye thought that she was planning to take the bus back today.

“There’s a car picking me up today.” Feng Qing’s footsteps were light and she did not speak any further to Gu Qingye.

Just as Gu Qingye was feeling puzzled, the sound of a car horn came from afar. It was an old car. The paint on some parts of the car had fallen off, and the rearview mirror was still tilted. Those who did not know would think that it was driven from a scrap factory.

“Goodbye Gu Qingye.” Feng Qing opened the door and got into the car.

When the surrounding students saw this old car, someone couldn’t help but mutter, “This car can also get onto the road?”

The Capital University was not short of luxury cars, especially on weekends, there were even more luxury cars. For such an old car to appear at the entrance of the school, it was treated as a new sight.

However, when Gu Qingye looked at this old car, his gaze slowly changed. Only those who really knew cars could tell that although this old car looked old, it was a collectible model that only appeared in exhibitions or auction houses. Gu Qingye had seen similar old cars bid for 200 million.

Just as Feng Qing got into the car, she was hugged by Xie Jiuhan before she could sit properly. The man looked at Gu Qingye through the rearview mirror.

Although the car window was tinted and he couldn’t see the situation in the car, Gu Qingye still felt a domineering gaze on him. Why was this feeling a little familiar?

Feng Qing leaned against Xie Jiuhan’s chest and asked, “Jiuhan, what happened to you?”

The old car started and Xie Jiuhan retracted his gaze. He pinched Feng Qing’s thin waist. “I’m fine. I’ll bring you somewhere tonight to do something exciting…”

Feng Qing : “…”

That night, on a rugged mountain road, there was a roar like that of a fierce beast. An indigo heavy motorcycle roared across the road. In front of him was the road, but on one side of the road, there was a cliff.

Xie Jiuhan was wearing a thick helmet and a professional windproof motorcycle suit. Feng Qing sat behind him, dressed like him.

Every time he bent, he would tilt at a 45-degree angle. As they flew at high speed, Feng Qing opened her windscreen wipers and felt the thrill of the mountain wind on her face. She was extremely happy.

Because she was wearing a helmet, Feng Qing couldn’t rub against the man’s back. She could only scratch his abs a few times to show that she was very happy now.

Originally, because of the speed of the motorcycle, the man’s adrenaline had surged. Now, because of the little woman’s actions, he sped up even more, and his blood was boiling.

Sensing that the speed was increasing, Feng Qing hugged the man even more tightly.

After pushing past a bend, three to five hundred meters away, there was a black sports car. A man with a horn was standing beside the car.

When they were close, the man shouted through the loudspeaker, “Panshan Road is sealed. You’re not allowed to go forward! KK Club is competing here today. Please turn around and return!”

The Panshan Road was the closest to the Capital and there were often clubs competing here. The clubs had already arranged a time for practice and competitions. Now, an unfamiliar motorcycle suddenly barged in, so the man’s tone was unfriendly.

The man did not expect that not only did the indigo motorcycle not turn around, but it also drove past him. He was so angry that he immediately cursed, “F*ck! Where did this idiot come from?! Do you know who the KK Club belongs to? Do you know who’s inside? How dare you behave atrociously here…”

Unfortunately, Xie Jiuhan’s motorcycle had already left and couldn’t hear his curses and screams.

Seeing that the motorcycle was traveling at a high speed, the supply car beside the man could not catch up at all. He hurriedly contacted the club. “There’s a lunatic messing around on the track. If any of you see an indigo motorcycle, hit him!”