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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 52 - Her Face Is Swollen Like a Pig’s Head

Chapter 52: Her Face Is Swollen Like a Pig’s Head

On the other end of the line, when she saw the emotionless message from the Siren, her manager immediately replied, “I’m sorry!” Then, she apologized again for a long time before Feng Qing switched off her phone.

Now, the name Siren has already become a legend on the ‘Sing whenever you want’ platform. With her own strength, the app ‘Sing whenever you want’ brought about a huge traffic, and it had even broken the record for the platform’s gifts for the past ten years.

The manager of ‘Sing whenever you want’ hoped the Siren would show her face, but every time she suggested it, she was rejected.

Feng Qing continued to write her own score. When the class was about to end, the old professor said, “I asked you all to write songs in class today for your own good. I’m sure you all know who Li Shaoqun is, right? He’s a famous singer and a great singer.”

The students were all excited when they heard Li Shaoqun.

“Who doesn’t know Li Shaoqun? He’s an absolute idol!”

“I even bought his new album. I’ve been to his concerts before…”

The old professor continued, “Li Shaoqun is about to release a new album, but he hasn’t found a composer he likes. Their company is collaborating with our music school and wants to give it a try.

“They’re not only looking for music scores, but they also want to dig up new singers and instrumentalists. You have to know that there’s no place more suitable than our school. Besides, their company is also jointly holding the school audition of the Capital University with the major television stations and video websites. So, students, this is your chance.”

After the old professor finished speaking, the students in the classroom erupted. Who didn’t want to take another step forward from their dream?

Tang Pan heard the discussions and said, “I remember that Jianing wrote a song score for Li Shaoqun, she had written the prelude for Li Shaoqun’s ‘Your Voice’ album.”

The students instantly looked at Feng Jianing in admiration.

At this moment, Feng Jianing was wearing a mask and even a hat. She looked at Tang Pan with hatred in her eyes. Why did this b*tch want to attract the attention of her classmates at this time? Her entire face was swollen like a pig’s head and there were scratches on her face. How could she face anyone?

On that weekend, the guests didn’t know her true identity because it was dark, and her entire face was rubbed against the ground badly. But when she was caught by the Gu family’s bodyguards, she honestly told them that she was thrown out by the Ninth Master. Otherwise, she was afraid that she would be killed by the Gu family after she had escaped Ninth Master’s clutches.

The Gu family’s bodyguards immediately informed the Gu family’s First master, who also found a doctor for her. The Gu family’s First master thought that Xie Jiuhan was warning him by throwing the woman out. So, he gave Feng Jianing a hush money, because he didn’t want her to say this out loud and ruin the Gu family’s reputation.

Actually, even if the Gu family’s First master didn’t give her money, Feng Jianing wouldn’t have said anything. She ended up in a sorry state and almost died. Was she crazy to tell others? She was even more ashamed to see her parents and Cao Beining. That night, after quietly leaving the Gu family, she stayed in a hotel alone for the night.

She told the person beside her that her face was swollen because she was allergic to seafood.

“Wow… Jianing, you’re so amazing.”

“Then you have to write a good song this time. You’ll definitely be chosen.”

“That’s right. I think you have the ability to enter the audition. You can definitely do it.”

The surrounding students were all envious.

Feng Jianing could only brace herself and cover her face. She said modestly, “I’m just lucky.” As she spoke, Feng Jianing’s eyes darkened. She had actually sent Li Shaoqun her original composition after, but they were not selected. Li Shaoqun even emailed her to ask if she was the one who wrote the first song. Feng Jianing was afraid that she would be exposed, so she didn’t send any songs to Li Shaoqun again.

Thinking of this, Feng Jianing looked at Feng Qing, who was in the last row. She seemed to be writing something? Feng Jianing clenched her fists, her eyes dark.

If Feng Qing handed in the song and was chosen…

No, she couldn’t let that happen.

The bell rang. Feng Qing crushed up the paper she had written and threw them into the trash can, hitting them accurately.

Gu Qingye looked at Feng Qing’s actions and had a new understanding of the little blind girl’s ability.

“Qingqing, you wrote very well. Why did you throw it away?” When Xu Mingqian saw this, he felt that it was a pity.

Feng Qing shook her head. “There are too many flaws.”

“Then what will you hand in later?”

As he spoke, Xu Mingqian handed the one he had written to Feng Qing. “Use mine, I’ll write another one.”

Feng Qing said, “Forget it, my handwriting is different from yours.”

Xu Mingqian still remembered what the professor had said. He didn’t expect Feng Qing to pick up a piece of blank paper and hand it to the professor. The professor shook his head helplessly and didn’t make things difficult for Feng Qing.

The old professor did not expect this girl with blind eyes to write any notes.