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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 51 - Termination of Contract

Chapter 51: Termination of Contract

The bodyguards definitely didn’t have any pity for Feng Jianing. Feng Jianing was dragged along the way, rubbing against the soil and weeds, and then thrown to the side of the small fountain outside the hall.

Ten minutes later, a scream sounded from the side of the fountain, and the entire banquet became lively.

By this time, Xie Jiuhan had long returned to the presidential suite. Feng Qing was immersed in her own music world, humming a song. When she sensed the man’s return, she turned around and asked, “Why are you back so early? It’s good for your body to soak for a while more.”

Xie Jiuhan walked towards Feng Qing and picked up his little girl. “I wanted to bring you to watch a show.”

Feng Qing was carried to the side of the window by Xie Jiuhan. This was the top floor, if it was anyone else, they might not have been able to hear the situation on the first floor clearly. However, Feng Qing’s hearing was great, so she heard Feng Jianing’s scream, as well as the commotion of the Gu family’s servants and guests…

“Oh my god! Who is that? She looks like a ghost.”

“Where did this lunatic come from? She’s dressed as if she’s not!”

“How can such an embarrassing thing happen in a place like the Gu family…”

Feng Qing listened for a moment and turned around to ask, “Why was Feng Jianing chased by the Gu family?”

“She’s being treated as a suspicious person.” Xie Jiuhan leaned over and whispered in Feng Qing’s ear.

Feng Qing smiled happily and hugged Xie Jiuhan. “She actually dared to seduce you… My Jiuhan is a gentleman!”

Xie Jiuhan narrowed his eyes and looked at the little woman in his arms. His voice was hoarse. “I’ve never been a gentleman.”

Feng Qing : “…”

On Monday, Feng Qing met Gu Qingye again in class. Feng Qing and Xu Mingqian sat together while Gu Qingye sat behind Feng Qing. A professor with sharp words was giving a lecture. Feng Qing was leaning on the table drowsily, but she could still feel the scorching gaze behind her. Gu Qingye’s existence was too strong. Feng Qing had not thought of how to explain to Gu Qingye what happened after she left Old Master Gu’s room.

That night, Feng Qing sent a message to Xie Shihao asking him to think of a way to deal with Gu Qingye. Although Xie Shihao was scolding Feng Qing, saying that she was showing off her intimacy with Xie Jiuhan, he still helped her obediently.

However, seeing how Gu Qingye was staring at her, proved that Xie Shihao, that idiot, couldn’t handle Gu Qingye at all back in the villa.

“Alright, that’s all for today’s lesson. Next, everyone will write a music score according to the content I explain and your own thoughts. I will check it in sequence. Only those who are qualified can leave!” The professor assigned the homework.

“Brother Ming Qian, do you have any extra pen and paper?” Feng Qing came to class without anything.

Xu Mingqian handed Feng Qing a piece of white paper and a black pen. He watched as Feng Qing wrote and drew on the white paper with a look of surprise. He didn’t expect her to be able to write like a normal person. Even the words she wrote were very good-looking and had the charm of calligraphy.

“Qingqing, your writing is even better than before,” Xu Mingqian praised sincerely.

Feng Qing smiled and didn’t say a word. Before she became blind, Feng Qing could be considered to have good calligraphy skills. However, after she became blind, she couldn’t write anymore. Later on, Xie Jiuhan held her hand and taught her to write. Slowly, there were traces of Xie Jiuhan in the words.

“Ever since I couldn’t see, I’ve been working harder than before to learn calligraphy,” Feng Qing said indifferently.

On the other hand, Xu Mingqian’s eyes were filled with worry. Feng Qing couldn’t see, but to be able to write such words, she must have spent a lot of effort that ordinary people couldn’t imagine.

Feng Qing continued to write and draw when suddenly, her phone rang. Feng Qing put on her earpiece and played voice messages. It was the manager who had signed with her from “Sing whenever you want” Media.

“Siren Goddess, have you been free recently?

“Li Shaoqun, the lead singer of Qiu Film, wants to work with you on the new album. I hope that you can consider it carefully this time. Li Shaoqun is a rising star in the music industry, and the prizes he receives are all very valuable. He is really talented. Moreover, he personally said that he wants to work with you.

“Although you are number one in the ‘Sing whenever you want’, you’re still an internet celebrity after all. It’s different if you work with Li Shaoqun, you can use this chance to debut! I believe that with your ability, your achievements will definitely not stop here!”

After listening to a few voice messages, Feng Qing didn’t click on the rest of the message at all. She directly replied, “I won’t debut. If you continue to request, then terminate the contract.”