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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Blind Girl

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Please make way!” The organizers of the auction stood beside Feng Jianing and Cao Beining, signaling them to leave. This wasn’t the Fashion Film Festival, so why were they walking the red carpet?

Then, the bodyguards surrounded the girl and passed by Feng Jianing. Feng Jianing, who had a pale face just now, immediately took a step forward. But no matter how fast she was, she was still stopped by the bodyguards.

Feng Jianing had no choice but to shout at the girl surrounded by bodyguards, “Miss, do we know each other?”

When Feng Qing heard this, she did not turn back, nor did she stop.


No matter what Feng Qing said, Feng Jianing was already very close to Feng Qing. She would never forget this woman even in her dreams. In an instant, she forgot all her rationality. She was even more flustered in her heart and started to say vicious words. “You’re lying! How could we not know each other? I already knew that you weren’t dead. Look at you now. Could it be that you’ve changed to another person to buy you?”

Without waiting for Feng Jianing to finish speaking, the bodyguard closest to Feng Jianing slapped her without another word, sending her flying out. She laid on the ground in a sorry state.

This slap stunned everyone. They even forgot to breathe. Feng Jianing’s face also rapidly swelled up.

“Apologize to my master immediately!”

All the bodyguards only remembered one sentence. It didn’t matter if something happened to the Ninth Master, but this Little Master couldn’t lose a single strand of hair! Who was this woman in front of him? How dare she speak to Little Master like this?

The manager of the auction also realized what was going on. He didn’t think that someone would dare to touch the lion’s head. He shouted angrily, “Miss Feng, what are you talking about? This is the Ninth Master’s wife. Are you crazy? How dare you talk nonsense to her?”

Ninth Master’s wife? Who was that?

Feng Jianing was still in shock and pain from being slapped. Since young, when had she suffered so much grievance in Jiangdu?

However, what she was thinking wasn’t important. Cao Beining, who was beside her, had a drastic change in expression. He even forgot to help Feng Jianing up. He looked at Feng Qing. “Ninth Master’s wife?”

“Beining, who exactly is the Ninth Master?” Feng Jianing felt extremely aggrieved. Seeing that Cao Beining didn’t help her up for some reason, Feng Jianing still stood up by herself. However, before she could finish her sentence, she saw Cao Beining turn his head and glare at her, signaling her to shut up!

“What do you think? Who else in the capital dares to call himself Ninth Master?”

Feng Jianing’s expression changed as well. She had roughly guessed that person’s identity, but she didn’t dare to confirm it. She didn’t want to acknowledge the relationship between this woman who seemed to be Feng Qing and Xie Jiuhan!

In the capital, only Xie Jiuhan could be called Ninth Master! It was said that he was once the illegitimate son of the Xie family, the head of the four aristocratic families. However, no one expected that the Xie family would be controlled by this illegitimate son.

According to the legends within the Xie family, Xie Jiuhan’s baleful aura was so strong that it affected the people around him. Those who approached him would be killed by him, and he himself wouldn’t live past twenty-five years old. There were too many lives on his shoulders, and he was being suppressed.

She had heard that for the past three years, a young lady had been following this unpredictable and bloodthirsty man. She was his wife.

No one had expected that Xie Jiuhan had not only lived to 25 years old, but the people around him had also not died because of him in recent years. This had played a huge role in him taking control of the Xie family. Therefore, in the past three years, he had not only taken control of the Xie family, but also infiltrated the entire country.

The woman before her was Xie Jiuhan’s wife!

Feng Jianing, who had just straightened her body, started to sway again. What did she just say?! She was Ninth Master’s wife, so how could she be Feng Qing, that little b*tch?!

In order to prevent Feng Qing from turning over a new leaf, she added poison to Feng Qing’s medicine and made her blind! How could someone like Xie Jiuhan fall for a blind person? A blind person who would never regain her sight!

After sorting out her emotions, Feng Jianing knew when to yield and when to stand tall. It was her first time in the capital, so she definitely couldn’t offend the Ninth Master! She held up her swollen face and apologized to Feng Qing. “I’m sorry, Madam. I mistook you for someone else. I wasn’t talking about you just now. I was seeing things…”

Feng Qing ignored Feng Jianing and only instructed the steward to continue leading the way.

Hearing Madam Xie’s voice again, Feng Jianing felt uncomfortable all over. This voice sounded even more like Feng Qing, that b*tch.

Feng Jianing had already engraved Feng Qing’s threat into her bones! However, she also knew that the Ninth Master’s wife wasn’t someone she could suspect.. Besides, that little slut must have died long ago. How could a blind person survive outside?