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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 50 - Feng Jianing’s Peak of Life

Chapter 50: Feng Jianing’s Peak of Life

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Jianing looked down on those women who took the initiative to send themselves to a man’s door because she felt that it was too cheap to do that and make herself worthless.

However, the other party was Xie Jiuhan this time. If Xie Jiuhan took a fancy to her… Thinking of this, Feng Jianing was so excited that her hands couldn’t help but tremble. If Xie Jiuhan could take a fancy to her, the Cao family would mean nothing.

Even if she was the Ninth Master’s lover, the wealth and power she could obtain were things that the Cao and Feng families wouldn’t be able to catch up to even if they fought for a few lifetimes!

Feng Jianing’s expression changed and she found an excuse. “Mom, I’m a little hot. I’m going out for a walk.”

“At this time? But the banquet is about to start.” Fu Anlan looked at the time and asked curiously.

At this moment, Feng Jia would rather ignore Fu Anlan. If she could become the Ninth Master’s woman, why would she be in a hurry to attend the Gu family’s banquet? In the future, the Gu family would only beg her…

After treating the wound on Feng Qing’s neck, she could no longer go to the hot spring. Xie Jiuhan wanted to stay behind to accompany her, but Feng Qing asked him to go to the hot spring.

Xie Jiuhan had lived a life of bloodshed since he was young. He had many old injuries on his body, big and small. The Gu family’s hot spring did have a certain healing effect. Since he was here, soaking in it was good for his body.

Since Feng Qing had said so, Xie Jiuhan went to the hot spring alone.

Xie Jiuhan took off his bathrobe and sat in the Heavenly Lake hot spring. A warm aura swept across his body. He felt pretty good.

The Heavenly Lake hot spring was very luxuriously decorated. There were nine dragon heads surrounding the hot spring, which was about ten meters long. The hot spring water gurgled out of the dragon’s mouth, and steam curled up.

The surroundings were silent. Xie Jiuhan was resting with his eyes closed when he heard someone enter quietly.

Xie Jiuhan opened his eyes. His expression was cold and dangerous. More than ten women in sexy bathrobes walked in slowly and said in an enchanting voice, “Ninth Master, do you need a massage? We are professional masseurs. We will definitely make you feel comfortable…” As the women spoke, they kept winking. Looking at Xie Jiuhan’s firm chest muscles, they wished they could pounce on him!

Xie Jiuhan’s aura became even colder. Just as he was about to flare up, he saw Feng Jianing’s shadow.

“She stays. Everyone else, get lost!”

Feng Jianing looked at Xie Jiuhan and realized that he was referring to her. She felt as if she had been struck by a lottery. Her mind exploded, and she felt dizzy. Xie Jiuhan had actually chosen her at a glance in the crowd?

At this moment, Feng Jianing felt as if she could see how flourishing the future path was! She was about to reach the peak of her life! With Xie Jiuhan, what else did she need Cao Beining for? As long as tonight passed, she would immediately terminate her engagement with Cao Beining. She would also have to change her name. She could no longer have a couple name…


Among these women, there were small celebrities, models, and even rich ladies. They were all waiting for this day. Although they knew that this method was not honorable, in order to get on Xie Jiuhan’s bed, they were not afraid even if he had a wife!

However, now that they had all failed, they could only leave in disappointment.

Feng Jianing bit her lip. Because of her agitation, she was trembling a little. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do. Then, she heard the man’s low voice. “Why aren’t you coming over? Are you waiting for me to invite you?”

Feng Jianing walked over shyly and said sweetly, “Ninth Master, I’ll massage you.”

When Feng Jianing’s hand approached Xie Jiuhan, he suddenly reached out and grabbed Feng Jianing’s hair, pressing her head into the hot spring.

“Wuwuwu…” Feng Jianing kept struggling, but how could her strength beat Xie Jiuhan’s? She wasn’t good at swimming and couldn’t hold her breath at all. Moreover, Xie Jiuhan had suddenly made things difficult for her, so she wasn’t prepared at all. She couldn’t open her eyes in the hot water and her stomach was filled with hot water. She felt faint and suffocated.

“Ninth Master!” Xie Jiuhan’s bodyguards heard the commotion and came in. They saw Xie Jiuhan throw a drowned woman aside.

The bodyguard hurriedly said, “Ninth Master, we’ll get rid of this woman immediately.” When the Xie family did things, they would destroy the corpse and leave no traces.

Xie Jiuhan put on his bathrobe and looked at Feng Jianing, who was floating in the pool, as if he was looking at trash.

“No need,” Xie Jiuhan said coldly. “Her life is still for Feng Qing to play with.” Wouldn’t it be too easy for her to kill her now? Then what would Feng Qing play in the future? Xie Jiuhan put on his slippers and asked the bodyguard, “Has the banquet started?”

The bodyguard replied, “It has already started. The Gu family’s First master came to ask if you are willing to attend.”

Xie Jiuhan laughed coldly. “I’m not going. Send this woman to them.”

The bodyguard nodded cleanly and dragged the unconscious Feng Jianing out of the pool and out the door…