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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 49 - Like His Motocycle

Chapter 49: Like His Motocycle

Gu Qingye remained silent for a few seconds before looking at Xie Jiuhan. “I didn’t invite the Healer at all. This Healer is fake.”

Xie Jiuhan frowned and did not say anything. However, his gaze made Gu Qingye feel like there was a knife hanging on his head.

“Ninth Master, if you don’t believe me, you can ask the butler beside my grandfather and see the prescription he gave! It’s all about mutual augmentation and suppression. It’s bullsh*t. My younger sister is a medical genius and she has already tested it. That person is a fake miracle doctor.”

Feng Qing was standing in the bedroom when she heard this through the gap in the door, she could not help but want to hit someone. Although she knew that Gu Qingye was trying to dispel Xie Jiuhan’s doubts about finding her, Feng Qing’s face was still dark when she heard her friend say this.

In the living room, Gu Qingye looked at Xie Jiuhan calmly. In his opinion, he did not need to feel guilty at all because Feng Qing was not the Healer. She was only using the name of the Healer to treat his grandfather. Of course, Gu Qingye couldn’t let Xie Jiuhan know about Feng Qing…

Xie Jiuhan’s gaze was cold as he sized Gu Qingye up and waved his hand. “You can leave.”

Gu Qingye stood up and left respectfully. Suddenly, he saw a white dress under the door of the bedroom. Gu Qingye’s eyes moved. There was a woman in Xie Jiuhan’s room? A man like him could also have sex? It was said that he had done a lot of things for his wife all these years. So this is the legendary love?

He pretended not to see anything and quickly left. After walking far away, he heaved a sigh of relief. It was too oppressive to interact with Xie Jiuhan.

After Gu Qingye left, Xie Jiuhan stood up and pushed open the bedroom door. He hugged the little girl and threw her onto the bed.

“Xie Jiuhan!” Feng Qing couldn’t help but let out a low cry. She immediately fell into the soft bed, and what welcomed her was the man’s scorching breath.

Xie Jiuhan asked, “You haven’t said why you’re here?”

Feng Qing said, “Of course, Gu Qingye invited me…”

Xie Jiuhan’s aura changed. He pinched Feng Qing’s face with emotions. “When did you two become so close?”

Feng Qing was a little helpless. She knew that she had to soothe his feathers again. She reached out a slender finger and poked the man’s chest, but she had underestimated the hardness of the man’s chest and hurt herself instead.

“I just like his heavy motorcycle, after that, we had interacted more, besides, we’re classmates…”

“Haha!” Xie Jiuhan gave a fake smile. “You liked his motorcycle? Then, do you not like the one I modified for you? It’s faster and more intelligent than his.”

Feng Qing said, “Who said I don’t like it? It’s just that your motorcycle isn’t as cool as a heavy motorcycle. Do you understand?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Xie Jiuhan’s laughter became even colder. “I understand. I have something cooler here for you to ride!”

Feng Qing :”…”

Although she didn’t say anything, Feng Qing felt that Xie Jiuhan was being implicit. Moreover, she had evidence!

Feng Qing hugged Xie Jiuhan a little harder and begged, “Jiuhan will definitely be able to bring me any car. Nothing in this world is difficult for you…”

Xie Jiuhan listened to Feng Qing’s words. He finally understood. His charm now was not as great as a motorcycle.

At that moment, on the other side of the hot spring villa, Fu Anlan walked into the room. She didn’t notice that Feng Jianing was wearing a look of lust and said directly, “Jianing, I heard the servants from the Gu family say that the Ninth Master is here.”

Feng Jianing thought that something had happened and interrupted her fantasy. She had already met Xie Jiuhan near the Heavenly Lake hot spring. Although it was only a back view and she had only taken a glimpse, the impression that man gave her was unforgettable.

Fu Anlan sat opposite Feng Jianing. “I was hiding behind the stone steps just now and heard that the Ninth Master will be staying behind tonight. Most importantly, Old Master Gu has already prepared a few women for the Ninth Master in the hot spring…”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jianing’s first reaction was that she was a little embarrassed. Then, she said in interest, “But isn’t the Ninth Master married? Isn’t Grandpa Gu afraid of offending the Ninth Master by doing this?”

Fu Anlan looked at Feng Jianing as if she was saying, “You don’t understand.” She said, “Marriage is just a matter of interest. Ordinary families don’t even have much feelings, let alone wealthy families like the Ninth Master. Which wealthy family in the Capital doesn’t have lovers? Saying that they are lovers is raising their status, at most, they’re considered as someone to warm their beds. As long as those men want it, they can play with new ones every day for 365 days a year.

“Moreover, I heard from those servants that those women won’t be sent directly to the Ninth Master’s bed. They will appear as servants first. If the Ninth Master isn’t satisfied, then she’s just a servant. What does it matter?”

The moment this was said, Feng Jianing was even more excited. Her mood surged!