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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 48 - How Did You Invite Her?

Chapter 48: How Did You Invite Her?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The Gu family’s natural hot spring villa.

“Young Master, Old Master Gu is awake and very energetic…” The butler was filled with excitement as he ran towards Gu Qingye.

Gu Qingye’s face darkened. He was worried about whether Feng Qing could hide from the Xie family’s search.

“Young Master?” The butler was puzzled. Old Master Gu was already awake, so why was Gu Qingye still so troubled?

Gu Qingye was reminded by the butler again before he returned to his senses and said calmly, “Let’s go and see Grandpa.”

At this moment, Old Master Gu had already changed into a clean set of clothes. The servants had already cleaned up the blood stains. Old Master Gu sat on the bed and the servants waited on him carefully.

“Grandpa, how are you feeling now? Do you really not need an oxygen mask?” Only when facing Old Master Gu did Gu Qingye’s attitude become gentler.

Old Master Gu shook his head. At this moment, the butler walked in with a bowl of medicine. “This is the medicine that the Healer prescribed for you. Drink it while it’s hot. He said that after you finish it, you can still attend the banquet normally at night and won’t be delayed.”

“Healer? The miracle doctor from A Dark Organization?” Old Master Gu looked up at Gu Qingye. “I was a little confused back then. Why did I feel like I saw Feng Qing?”

Hearing this, Gu Qingye was about to explain when Gu Jingtong rushed in.

When Gu Jingtong saw that Old Master Gu had really woken up, she hurriedly took his pulse. When she noticed that Old Master Gu’s condition had really improved, her expression turned a little ugly. Then, she looked at Gu Qingye and asked, “Brother, where’s the miracle doctor? Grandpa hasn’t recovered fully yet. Isn’t he called the Healer? How can you let him go?”

Gu Qingye coldly said, “The Healer left after giving Grandpa the acupuncture treatment. According to his prescription,Grandpa will recover.”

But how could Gu Jingtong believe this? In her opinion, that ‘man’ was just lucky to have stopped her grandfather’s bleeding.

“Where’s the prescription? Let me take a look.” Holding the prescription, Gu Jingtong’s eyes turned red as she shouted at Gu Qingye, “Brother! You were really cheated by that person. I knew it. How could you have invited the Healer?

“He’s simply prescribing medicine randomly. The medicine on this is all conflicting. How can he let Grandpa drink it?” She then looked at the medicine in the butler’s hands and asked, “Is this the medicine of the miracle doctor?”

The butler nodded.

“Pour it away immediately. Do not let my grandfather take this medicine, or else something bad will happen.”

The butler said awkwardly, “Miss, the Ninth Master brought a few hundred bodyguards to find the Healer. If it’s fake, then what about the Ninth Master?”

Upon hearing this, Gu Jingtong sneered. “Then why did I hear that when the Ninth Master’s men arrived, he jumped out of the window and ran away? I think he’s an impostor who can lie to Big Brother, but he’s worried that he can’t lie to the Ninth Master, so he ran away.”

Hearing Gu Jingtong’s words, the butler hesitated as well. “Young Master, why don’t we find a few more doctors to take a look at this prescription?”

Gu Qingye frowned. “Do you think I’ll harm Grandpa?”

Being questioned by Gu Qingye, Gu Jingtong couldn’t help but raise her voice. “Of course not, Brother, but you don’t understand medicine. We don’t want to see you get cheated! We can’t let anything happen to Grandpa!”

With that, Gu Jingtong went to Old Master Gu and said coquettishly, “Grandpa, there’s really a problem with this prescription. You can’t drink it. Don’t you believe me?”

Seeing that Gu Jingtong’s eyes were red from begging, Old Master Gu quickly comforted her. “You’re my precious granddaughter, so how can I not believe you? Besides, I know better what your medical skills are like. Anyway, I feel very good now, so I won’t drink it.”


Gu Qingye still wanted to say something, but Old Master Gu raised his hand and interrupted him. “Since the Ninth Master is here, Xiao Ye, quickly change your clothes and let’s go see the guests together.”

Old Master Gu brought Gu Qingye to visit Xie Jiuhan. Feng Qing hid in the bedroom and didn’t show her face. She didn’t want Gu Qingye to know about her relationship with Xie Jiuhan. If he knew, how could she make friends in school?

After exchanging a few words with Old Master Gu, Xie Jiuhan let him go back and rest, but he left Gu Qingye behind.

Old Master Gu immediately gave his grandson a look, hoping that he could grasp the opportunity. After all, if he could gain Xie Jiuhan’s admiration, Gu Qingye would gain the biggest network.

After Old Master Gu left, Xie Jiuhan went straight to the point and asked, “How did you invite the Healer?”

Xie Jiuhan’s aura was cold and intimidating, and Gu Qingye gasped in pain.