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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 47 - You Have to Contact Me Immediately

Chapter 47: You Have to Contact Me Immediately

“But I don’t have any strength left in me now.” Feng Qing spread her hands, obviously wanting Xie Jiuhan to serve her.

Xie Jiuhan walked forward with a strong aura. “You better give me a perfect reason why you’re trapped in the sauna room! I’ve taught you how to break that kind of glass and also taught you how to break those electronic locks, but you were trapped in it for more than half an hour?

“If I had gone any later, you would have steamed!” There was anger and concern in Xie Jiuhan’s tone. He believed that with Feng Qing’s ability, it was impossible for her to be trapped in the sauna room. But why didn’t she come out?

Feng Qing buried herself in the blanket and crawled towards Xie Jiuhan like a big meat worm. However, Xie Jiuhan looked at her coldly. It was as if if she didn’t explain things clearly today, they would have a cold war to the end.

However, Feng Qing wouldn’t give up easily. She crawled towards Xie Jiuhan and almost fell to the ground because of the blanket.

Fortunately, Xie Jiuhan was quick to react and hugged the little woman. However, his expression was still cold. Seeing this, Feng Qing covered herself again. Xie Jiuhan’s cold aura made her feel a little cold.

Feng Qing adjusted her body and hugged Xie Jiuhan’s neck. She rubbed her face against Xie Jiuhan’s cold face. “Jiu, don’t be angry.”

Sensing Xie Jiuhan’s anger, Feng Qing felt a little guilty. After all, she deliberately didn’t leave the sauna room because she wanted to mess up Xie Jiuhan’s plan to catch the Healer. She was using this method to conceal her identity.

Feng Qing raised her head and kissed the man’s neck with her soft lips. She moved slightly and reached the man’s lips. Her movements were like a kitten that had stolen a fish, clumsy and serious to please this man.

Xie Jiuhan sighed deeply. He knew that he couldn’t reject her.

“Ah!” Feng Qing was shocked as she was placed on the soft bed by Xie Jiuhan. The man wrapped the little woman in his arms and lowered his head to scrutinize her solemnly.

“There’s something else you did wrong.” The man’s cold breath landed on the little woman’s face.

“What did I do wrong?” Feng Qing asked in confusion.

“When you’re in danger, contact me immediately!” Xie Jiuhan said to Feng Qing domineeringly.

Feng Qing mumbled helplessly, “But I thought you weren’t around. You’re on a business trip abroad this time…”

Xie Jiuhan lowered his head and kissed the girl in his arms who was nagging. He couldn’t help but bite her. “As long as you say, I’ll come to your side no matter where I am. Don’t you understand? In my heart, you’re more important than anyone else!”

Feng Qing hugged Xie Jiuhan tightly. Because of his words, her heart had gone completely soft. In the years she had been by his side, she could feel that this man had changed from being indifferent at the start to being cautious later on. He had even nurtured her and taken care of her meticulously.

But she had become a member of A Dark Organization behind this man’s back. She still couldn’t tell him about this.

Feng Qing’s breath interlocked with Xie Jiuhan’s. The man was like a dangerous cheetah as he rubbed against her ear. Suddenly, he stopped.

“How did this happen?” Wind stirred in the man’s eyes. He raised his hand and carefully rubbed the scratch on Feng Qing’s neck carefully.

Feng Qing shuddered at the man’s touch. She had no choice but to tell the truth.

Xie Jiuhan’s eyes seemed to have caught fire. Feng Qing could feel the cold aura of the man beside her. Because of her wound, the Gu family would definitely be hated by Xie Jiuhan.

“The doctor said that it would heal in one night. It wasn’t too deep, besides, my reaction was especially fast back then…” Feng Qing explained softly.

“But you were in the sauna for so long just now, your wound is infected!” Xie Jiu reminded her coldly. He didn’t understand. How could this little woman not cherish her body?

Hearing Xie Jiuhan’s reminder, Feng Qing remembered as well and mumbled in frustration, “Feng Jianing, that bastard…”

“Don’t tell me that you were locked up by Feng Jianing?” Xie Jiuhan took out his phone and instructed Su Yu to prepare the anti-inflammatory medicine. When he heard Feng Qing’s mutter, his tone was cold.

He hadn’t kept the Feng family alive until now to let Feng Qing suffer! What’s more was that Feng Qing had actually been harmed by Feng Jianing. Xie Jiuhan’s aura was very unstable.

At this moment, Feng Qing could only say angrily, “It’s her. She pushed me into the sauna room when I wasn’t paying attention. There were no surveillance cameras there either…”

Xie Jiuhan rubbed Feng Qing’s head comfortingly, but his voice was still cold. “The surveillance camera isn’t important. If you say she did it, then she did it.”