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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 46 - No One Is More Important Than Feng Qing

Chapter 46: No One Is More Important Than Feng Qing

Xie Jiuhan only nodded at him and asked the person beside him, “Where is he?”

The bodyguard immediately answered, “We haven’t found him yet, but we’ve already completely sealed this place off. We guarantee that the Healer won’t be able to escape even if he has wings!”

When the Gu family’s First master heard this, he echoed, “Jiuhan, if you want to find the Healer, we will do our best to help. Is anyone in your family sick?”

Xie Jiuhan acknowledged and exuded a dangerous aura, making the Gu family’s First master not dare to speak anymore.

“Uncle!” Not far away, Xie Shihao ran over. He came to Xie Jiuhan’s side and gestured for the bodyguards to separate the Gu family’s First master. He could not let outsiders know what he wanted to say to Xie Jiuhan.

The bodyguards of the Xie family were very fast and immediately separated the two of them.

Xie Shihao lowered his head and said carefully, “Uncle… something happened to Feng Qing.”

The Gu family’s First master was a distance away from the two of them, so he naturally couldn’t hear what they were saying. However, he could clearly see that Xie Jiuhan’s expression had suddenly become extremely terrifying. That gaze even made him feel a chill run up his spine.

Xie Shihao’s legs went weak instantly. He wanted to kneel down in front of his uncle. “I was wrong… I don’t know either… I…” At that moment, Xie Shihao didn’t dare to say anything else. He handed over his phone with trembling hands.

Xie Jiuhan grabbed his phone and listened to Feng Qing’s voice message. With a crack, the phone screen cracked.

When Xie Shihao saw this, his scalp went numb. It was as if Xie Jiuhan wasn’t holding his phone but him.

Xie Jiuhan turned around and instructed Su Yu, “Everyone, go and find Feng Qing immediately. Even if you have to turn the Gu family upside down, find Feng Qing for me.”

Su Yu asked hesitantly, “Then, the Healer…”

“No one is more important than Feng Qing in this world!”

Heavenly Lake hot spring.

Feng Jianing felt that it was about time and walked out of the hot spring. She felt that Feng Qing should have already become a cooked prawn. Thinking of Feng Qing’s appearance, the corners of Feng Jianing’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up. Today was simply a rebirth for her.

At that moment, she heard a commotion outside.

The Xie family’s blanket search quickly found Feng Qing’s location. When Xie Jiuhan rushed into the female changing room, he saw Feng Qing being carried out of the sauna room. The hot air was suffocating. At that moment, Xie Jiuhan’s pupils constricted. He rushed over and hugged the groggy Feng Qing.

Su Yu hurriedly went forward and wrapped Feng Qing in a bath towel. Xie Jiuhan carried Feng Qing and turned to leave.

At this moment, Feng Jianing walked over. However, she only saw a handsome and tall back view.

What kind of man was he? Even his back view was so mesmerizing? Feng Jianing subconsciously wanted to go closer to take a look, but she was stopped by the bodyguards at the side. When Feng Jianing wanted to take a few more glances, he disappeared.

The Gu family had long prepared a suite for Xie Jiuhan. The man placed the dying little woman on the bed. Feng Qing’s body was like a boiled egg at that moment. It was so hot, Xie Jiuhan wanted to take off Feng Qing’s clothes and reduce her temperature but his hands were trembling.

Perhaps it was because Xie Jiuhan’s emotions were too unstable, his trembling hands made Feng Qing feel uncomfortable. Feng Qing pouted. “It’s uncomfortable…”

Seeing that she could still speak, Xie Jiuhan heaved a sigh of relief. She was still conscious. After confirming that she was fine, Xie Jiuhan’s rationality finally returned. He took off Feng Qing’s clothes one by one and tried to cool her down.

After busying himself for almost an hour, Feng Qing’s expression slowly returned to normal. Her eyelids kept trembling. Xie Jiu snorted coldly and stood up to go to the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, Feng Qing slowly opened her eyes and crawled into the blanket.

After a while, Xie Jiuhan walked out with a towel wrapped around his wet body. Feng Qing raised her delicate face and looked at Xie Jiuhan with her dull eyes. Her lips were bright red and full. She looked up and down and said, “Jiu, bring me my clothes…” Feng Qing knew that Xie Jiuhan had definitely prepared clothes for her.

Xie Jiuhan was not phased. “Go and get it yourself!”