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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 45 - Xie Shihao, Save Me!

Chapter 45: Xie Shihao, Save Me!

Upon hearing that, Fu Anlan’s expression changed instantly. She said to Feng Jianing, “It’s a blessing for you to go to the Gu family’s Heavenly Lake hot spring. Besides, you’re a celebrity, your skin condition is more important than anything else. Don’t bother about us. Hurry up and prepare.”

Hearing Fu Anlan’s words, Feng Jianing pretended to hesitate before reluctantly heading to the hot spring.

Feng Jianing had just walked into the changing room of the Heavenly Lake hot spring when she saw a woman bending down and groping in front of the washing machine. It was Feng Qing.

The changing room of the Heavenly Lake hot spring was magnificent and different from the changing room outside. It was like entering a casual clubhouse. Feng Qing stood in front of the washing machine and took out the windbreaker and boots she was wearing just now and threw them into the trash can. She washed it once to ensure that no traces of her were left on it.

Feng Qing had her back facing Feng Jianing as she methodically packed her things. But in Feng Jianing’s opinion, Feng Qing, that little slut, was still as arrogant as ever.

After confirming that there was no one else around, Feng Jianing walked closer to Feng Qing and questioned her in a vicious tone, “Why are you, a blind person, here?”

When Feng Qing heard that, she tilted her head slightly, revealing Feng Jianing’s exquisite face that she had hated day and night. She replied calmly, “Of course I’m here to soak in the hot spring. Otherwise, would I be here for dinner?”

“You think you’re worthy?” Feng Jianing’s expression instantly turned even worse, especially when she heard Feng Qing’s matter-of-fact tone. Feng Jianing wished she could tear her apart.

Feng Qing moved her lips. “As Gu Qingye’s guest, I can naturally come in. What about you? I guess you could enter the hot spring because of that song, right? I’m really impressed by how hard you work…”

At the luncheon, Feng Qing had already sensed Feng Jianing and her family, so she naturally knew what level she was sitting in the banquet hall. The reason why she could enter the Gu family’s Heavenly Lake hot spring could only be because of that song. The Gu family seemed to have a good impression of her.

In Feng Jianing’s opinion, Feng Qing’s words were outright mocking her because Feng Qing’s song afterward completely crushed her. As long as this woman appeared, she would lose all her light. Feng Jianing’s eyes were filled with hatred, and she couldn’t stop asking questions in her heart, ‘Why isn’t Feng Qing dead yet?’

Feng Qing was about to leave after she finished packing her things. Feng Jianing made up her mind and pushed Feng Qing into the sauna room beside her. Then, she found a mop and blocked the door. She also hung a repair sign on the door in case someone let Feng Qing out.

The soundproof system of the Gu family’s sauna was extremely good. No matter how much Feng Qing knocked on the door, no sound could be heard. There was only a slight vibration. Feng Jianing looked at Feng Qing, who was locked in there and couldn’t come out at all. She viciously spun the control button and raised the temperature of the sauna room to the highest!

This was the female changing room, so there naturally wouldn’t be any surveillance cameras, nor would anyone know what she had done here. Even if Feng Qing could escape, as long as she didn’t admit it herself, who could prove that she had locked Feng Qing in there? Feng Qing was blind, so how could a blind girl’s words be used as evidence?

“Feng Qing! Just enjoy it! If you’re unlucky and die in there, don’t blame me. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for fighting with me.”

After Feng Jianing finished doing all of this, she swept away the haze of hatred and walked towards the hot spring like a spring breeze. Her path was destined to be promising in the future. As for Feng Qing? She had better go to hell.

Feng Qing was locked in the sauna, but she wasn’t flustered at all. She was just cooperating with Feng Jianing’s performance. Feng Jianing, that idiot, actually thought that a glass door could trap her?

Feng Qing sneered. Her phone suddenly vibrated. Just as she took out her phone and clicked on the voice message, Xie Shihao’s roar sounded. “Feng Qing! Where did you go? I beg of you, show up quickly. My uncle is here! I brought you out and even lost you. I’m dead!”

Xie Jiuhan is here too? Feng Qing instantly made a decision. Although she knew that this might change Xie Jiuhan’s plan…

Feng Qing sent a voice message to Xie Shihao and said in a panic, “Xie Shihao! Come and save me! I’m dying!” After sending it, Feng Qing calmly put away her phone and sat down in the cooler room of the sauna to wait.

When Xie Shihao heard Feng Qing’s voice, his hair stood on end.

Gu Jingtong looked at Xie Shihao in confusion.

At that moment, the sound of a helicopter’s propeller came from the sky above the hot spring villa. On the tarmac, after the helicopter landed steadily, Xie Jiuhan walked down.

The Gu family’s First master had been waiting for a long time. He tidied up his appearance and walked towards Xie Jiuhan.

Although the Gu family’s First master was a little afraid of Xie Jiuhan in private, he still carried the arrogance and nobility of an old family on the surface. He was the head of the Gu family after all.

“Jiuhan, welcome to the Gu family’s hot spring villa. Please forgive me for not welcoming you sooner.”