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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 43 - Kidnap Him

Chapter 43: Kidnap Him

Facing Gu Jingtong’s crazy roar, Gu Qingye was indifferent. He only looked at the little blind girl firmly. “I believe him.”

Gu Jingtong felt that her brother had gone crazy. She took out her phone and said hurriedly, “I have to contact my master!” Just as Gu Jingtong was about to contact Mr. Hua Pianshan, Old Master Gu started coughing violently again. She hurriedly ran over. “Get lost. Don’t block me from treating Grandpa.”

Just as she was about to push the man who was pretending to be the Healer away, she felt a pain on her wrist. The man suddenly pierced her wrist with a needle. In an instant, a numb feeling swept through her entire body. Her strength seemed to have been sucked out of her body as she knelt on the ground.

The doctors immediately helped Gu Jingtong up.

“Don’t worry about me. Hurry and see my grandfather! Is my grandfather’s condition getting worse?” Gu Jingtong shouted at the doctors.

At this moment, the doctors who were watching the treatment of the Healer with all their attention suddenly became excited. Someone shouted, “Old Master Gu isn’t coughing up blood anymore! The bleeding really stopped!”

“What? How is that possible?” Gu Jingtong was in disbelief!

Gu Qingye stood in front of the bed and saw everything clearly. The Healer was using silver needles to perform acupuncture on Old Master Gu. After he inserted a few needles, Old Master Gu seemed to have fallen asleep. His tightly knitted brows relaxed and he no longer vomited blood. Gu Qingye was still in shock, and the other doctors were excited as well.

“As expected of the legendary Healer, he’s simply a miracle doctor.”

“The Healer really lives up to his reputation. Any illness can be cured by him! I wonder if you can guide us?”

“That’s right, please give me some guidance. I heard that Mr. Hua Pianshan has received your guidance and his medical skills have improved greatly…”

Gu Qingye turned around and said to the excited doctors, “You guys go out first and let the Healer focus on treating my grandfather.”

Because Old Master Gu’s condition was obviously much better, the experts and doctors in the room instantly became respectful. Hearing Gu Qingye’s words, although they were reluctant, they all left quietly.

Then, Gu Qingye looked at Gu Jingtong coldly. “You too. Get out.”

“Brother!” Gu Jingyi felt a little aggrieved, but when she felt that Gu Qingye was really angry, she did not dare to say anything else. She turned around and walked out unwillingly.

On the other hand, in the conference room on the top floor of the Capital, which was more than a thousand kilometers away from the Capital, a message suddenly popped up on Xie Jiuhan’s phone. “The Healer from A Dark Organization has appeared in the Gu family’s private hot spring villa.”

Xie Jiuhan had already returned to the country in the morning. He was currently holding a summit meeting in Tian Du City. Xie Jiuhan was the chief of the meeting, but when he received the news from the Capital’s informant, he stood up and left without another word.

Wang Da, who was actively speaking on the stage, was shocked. Was there a problem with his speech? Otherwise, why would Xie Jiuhan get up and leave?

Xie Jiuhan ignored what the others were thinking. When he left, Su Yu, his assistant, hurriedly reported, “Old Master Gu suddenly coughed up blood more than an hour ago. The eldest young master of the Gu family invited the Healer from A Dark Organization to treat Old Master Gu. Old Master Gu’s condition has obviously improved.”

This was the Gu family’s top secret. Most of the members of the Gu family did not know that Old Master Gu almost went to see the King of Hell.

Xie Jiuhan’s eyebrows moved slightly. “Send someone to lock down the Gu family’s villa immediately. No one is allowed to enter or leave! Is my helicopter ready?”

Su Yu immediately nodded. “Yes.”

Xie Jiuhan’s private helicopter was already prepared on the top floor of the building. After he boarded the plane, he immediately contacted the people in the Capital through the walkie-talkie.

Su Yu sat beside Xie Jiuhan. He looked a little nervous. Looking at Xie Jiuhan’s stance, it was as if he wanted to chop that miracle doctor into pieces. He didn’t look like he was going to invite anyone.

“Ninth Master, what do you think… I mean what if that miracle doctor doesn’t want to see us? After all, A Dark Organization’s behavior is strange…”

“He doesn’t want to see me? Then kidnap him.” Xie Jiuhan’s voice was filled with arrogance.

Su Yu :”…”

“If we really kidnap him, perhaps all the members of A Dark Organization will appear… I haven’t heard of anyone who can make A Dark Organization take action…”

Xie Jiuhan’s eyes were deep and unfathomable, and his voice was cold. “So what? Let’s settle the old and new grievances together. I’m looking forward to meeting Mr. Qingyi!”